Aceituna Café Speeds Ordering And Checkout With mPOS

For quick-serve restaurants (QSRs), time is money. Long wait times may help determine whether a consumer stays at a QSR location, or moves on to a competitor. To ensure customer satisfaction and drive incremental sales, merchants must be equipped with the tools and solutions to ensure a seamless, enjoyable and fast purchasing process.

Aceituna Café provides a quick and seamless customer experience with a tablet-based mPOS system. Located in a busy business district in Cambridge, Mass., the Mediterranean takeout restaurant serves close to 300 people during each lunch hour, and experiences peak traffic between 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. every day. The QSR recently transitioned to the mPOS system from Leaf, a startup that creates built-for-business POS tablets for payment processing, analytics and customer engagement. As a result, the merchant successfully has decreased wait times and generated more sales, according to Samer Malak, Owner of Aceituna Café.

“When a waiting line goes outside the restaurant, I don’t want potential customers to leave,” Malak said. “We understand that most of our visitors only have 20 minutes to eat and a few minutes to walk back to their offices, so we want to make sure the order completion and checkout process is as fast and easy as possible.”


Three tablet-based terminals have replaced a traditional cash register, which became inundated with hurried customers during high-traffic times. As the volume of sales rose, the small register “became a bottleneck for our business,” said Malak. The new system “runs non-stop for two or three hours every day,” as Aceituna Café employees and customers speed through the ordering and payment process.

A menu management feature helps make checkout more seamless: The POS system tracks and generates reports on popular-selling items so Malak can re-categorize dishes based on their overall demand. “We now place our most popular items on the first ordering and checkout page,” he said. “I can log onto the account at any time to change and add items. It’s a very user-friendly and efficient system.”

The cloud-based system from Leaf tracks and collects purchase information in real time, and integrates seamlessly with the company Quickbooks account, which helps employees save time while managing finances.

Previously, Aceituna Café employees had to manually collect and enter receipts into Quickbooks, “which was a huge burden for us,” Malak said. “We spent far too much time entering information on Quickbooks by hand. It was even worse during tax season. But Leaf allows us to complete the process more quickly, which lets us focus on other tasks.”

As Aceituna Café continues to optimize the mPOS strategy, the merchant will collaborate further with Leaf to tailor the system based on unique company needs. For example, integration with LevelUp, a mobile payment solution, has empowered the restaurant to accept and record mobile payments in real time. 



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