Verizon Launches New AI-Powered ‘Personal Shopper and Problem Solver’ Tools

Verizon is the latest brand to unveil new generative AI-powered services designed to streamline various stages of the telecom retail experience.
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Verizon is the latest brand to unveil new generative AI-powered services designed to streamline various stages of the online and in-store telecom retail experience that are often fraught with friction, such as customer service, product comparison and selection. These AI tools are designed to work alongside customers and frontline associates, the company said, serving as personal “guides” to give users the best information possible.  
“We’re on a journey to provide a premium experience during every interaction because we know it matters to our customers,” said Brian Higgins, Chief Customer Experience Officer of Verizon Consumer in a statement. “We connect roughly 99% of the population, and they count on us to handle everything from making calls and sending texts, to purchasing new tech, billing questions or checking out new products in our stores. We understand that every interaction is an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives. AI is helping us not just meet expectations but exceed them by showing our customers we’ve got their back at every turn.” 

4 New AI-Powered Features for Associates and Consumers 

New consumer- and associate-facing tools from Verizon include:  

  • Personal Research Assistant, which empowers frontline teams to provide employees with fast and easy access to the information they need to serve specific customers. The AI sifts through thousands of resources at a time, allowing employees to now answer up to 95% of all customer inquiries;  
  • An AI-powered matchmaking tool, aptly named Fast Pass, that connects customers to the most appropriate (and available) care representative based on their specific needs, whether it be a question about international service, phone upgrades or billing questions;  
  • Personal-shopping and problem-solving capabilities that allow Verizon to analyze customers’ profiles so employees can quickly gauge who the customer is and why they may be calling. With these insights, associates can provide the most accurate answers and recommend the best products, cutting overall transaction time by up to four minutes; and   
  • More robust personalization capabilities that create a more relevant telecom experience for customers. Plan recommendations, product offers, service upgrades and more, all will be tailored based on customer insights, and served proactively based on past purchases and behaviors.  


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