Using Content Analytics To Amplify The “Voice of the Customer”

Best-in-class Content Analytics provides an advanced search and analytics platform that enables better decision-making from the enterprise content, regardless of the source or format. Using Content Analytics, retailers can understand the meaning and context of human language. By rapidly processing information, Content Analytics allows organizations to improve knowledge-driven search and surface new insights from enterprise content.

IBM’s Content Analytics uses the same Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies as IBM Watson DeepQA, the world’s most advanced question-answering machine. This webinar will explain how companies can apply IBM Content Analytics to customer email, call center logs, chats, correspondence and other forms of text and “unstructured” content to obtain a more detailed and accurate understanding of customers, products, market segments and competitors.




  • Dan Bigos, ECM Industry Marketing – Telecommuncations, Retail, Travel & Transportation, IBM Enterprise Content Management
  • Debbie Hauss, Editor-in-Chief, Retail TouchPoints

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