5 Ways Self-Service Analytics Drive Business Success

By connecting pricing and market basket data in real time, one large retailer increased year-over-year (YOY) revenue by $100 million during the critical holiday season. A new self-service analytics strategy laid the groundwork for this success.

View this webinar to uncover the 5 steps to driving results, empowering business users and freeing up the IT team with self-service analytics:

  1. Launch prototypes to drive a quick test-and-learn culture
  2. Create a unified data language around training, security and data preparation
  3. Use data blending to achieve a unified brand message
  4. Insert experience into data analysis to drive collaborative learning
  5. Incorporate visual analysis and storytelling to tap into the brain's strengths


Lee Feinberg
Founder & President

Jeff Huckaby
Global Market Segment Director

Debbie Hauss
Retail TouchPoints



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