Re-Imagining Customer Feedback To Drive Action

Social media and review sites are quickly becoming the “channels of choice” for customers to voice their opinions (both good and bad) of their shopping experiences. This new online data presents both a challenge and an opportunity for retail brands when it comes to improving their customer experiences.

What insights can you gain from these new feedback channels? More importantly, how can these insights be combined with the customer surveys you may already be using to get a full view of customer sentiment?

This live webinar, titled: Re-Imagining Customer Feedback To Drive Action will explore the challenges retail operators are facing today and discuss how looking at the customer experience through a social lens may be the key to seeing the complete picture of customer feedback.

In the session you’ll learn:

  1. How customer interaction with brands is changing – and why you need to combine solicited and unsolicited feedback
  2. How taking a wide view of customer feedback can uncover systemic issues and trends in your business
  3. How surveys and social media feedback can be used together to drive great customer experiences




  • Gary Edwards, Chief Customer Officer, Empathica
  • Moderator: Alicia Fiorletta, Associate Editor, Retail TouchPoints

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