New Predictive Scheduling Laws Impact Retail, Hospitality And Food Service Industries

The death knell is beginning to sound for the on-call scheduling practices often used in the retail industry.

The first bell was sounded in November 2014, when San Francisco enacted ordinances called the “Retail Workers Bill of Rights,” requiring retail employers to provide employees with schedules two weeks in advance, predictable hours and pay, and on-call pay.

Seattle, New York City and Oregon have followed suit in enacting similar predictive scheduling laws, and additional municipalities and states are considering comparable legislation.

This white paper features a rundown of predictive scheduling, including:

  • The provisions commonly found in predictive scheduling laws;
  • Where predictive scheduling laws are already in effect;
  • How to prepare yourself for predictive scheduling legislation; and
  • The technology that can streamline your transition into modernized scheduling processes.

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