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As with any new ecosystem, the burgeoning world of the metaverse requires infrastructure. And while the highways, factories and tollbooths one generally thinks of when they hear that word won’t necessarily be required in this new world, systems for moving goods, transacting and manufacturing products will all be as important in these virtual worlds as they are in the physical one. Not to mention the real estate where it will all take place.

This infographic from Newzoo outlines all the major companies currently building capabilities to serve this new frontier of digital development. (To avoid logo overload, we recommend first looking at the various areas of development underway, which on its own will tell you a lot.)

And for a practical breakdown of how to make your first moves into the metaverse, check out our 2022 Ecommerce Predictions report, where we not only lay out (in plain language) the metaverse opportunity, but also showcase four other areas of digital development to keep your eye on this year.

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