Become Technology Driven How Retailers Can Recalibrate Their DNA And Embed IT Into All Facets Of The Organization

Technology impacts all areas of a retail business, but the most successful organizations across industries have “Tech DNA.” But what does it mean to have Tech DNA?

It means that technology isn’t just IT’s responsibility — it’s everyone’s responsibility. And it’s not just a line on a budget sheet; it’s an enabler that will help your business survive and thrive amidst the next wave of disruption.

In addition, it means everyone has a centralized vision of how technology will help fulfill the brand promise, using business and customer data to create unified customer experiences.

Not sure how to develop Tech DNA when your organization is bound by years of legacy tools, processes and mindsets? Check out this iPaper to learn how to:

  • Understand the impact of “Industry 4.0” on retail’s future by integrating the entire value chain into an end-to-end digital platform;
  • Become “Tech first, not tech later” by embedding technology into all areas of the business;
  • Be a “Digital Champion” instead of looking at technology as a reactive solution to one-off problems and pain points; and
  • Learn from leaders including Sephora, Stitch Fix and Netflix.

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