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Solution Spotlight: Runa Leverages Analytics to Improve Conversion Rates

Concept:In recent years e-tailers have focused on driving traffic to their sites, spending more than $20 billion on SEO/SEM in 2008, according to Runa. Now at a market saturation point, this investment produces an average conversion-to-sales rate of 2-3%, at best. The Runa team is convinced that the next wave in online retailing will increase conversion rates by appealing to shoppers once they’re on a Web site.

Solution Spotlight: AisleFinder Helps Consumers Navigate Stores with Interactive Kiosk Map

Concept:Created in 2008, AisleFinder is an in-store interactive shopping display and kiosk application designed to enable shoppers to quickly and efficiently find the items they want to buy within medium-to-large sized shopping/retails stores. You can think of it as Google Maps for the store. The solution provides a Web site and iPhone application designed to help customers find desired items by directing them to the aisles where the items can be found. AisleFinder is for grocery and retail locations that want to add value to their brand, as well as the customers shopping experience by giving customers a way to explore the store and do more targeted shopping. If we can save the customer time, they have more time to explore the store.

Solution Spotlight: Confirmit Customer Feedback Solution

Concept: Confirmit is an on-demand software platform designed to enable customer feedback. Confirmit is designed to allow retailers to collect feedback through various channels, including Web, telephone, paper and IVR (Interactive Voice Response). As retailers increasingly take advantage of multiple sales channels, particularly online, this is crucial to meeting customer expectations. Customer retention is critical to retailers, and to maximize retention, they need to create experiences that customers want to repeat, and products that customers want to repurchase. Retailer clients use Confirmit to collect actionable customer feedback at all key touchpoints in the retail process — from point of sale, through service interactions, complaints handling and renewal/repurchase.

Solution Spotlight: Aisle411 Gives Shoppers Power to Navigate In-Store

Concept: Aisle411 is a comprehensive mobile marketing solution designed to allow consumers to use their cell phones to locate products within a retail store. It's an “audio store map” designed to direct shoppers to the items they are looking for, down to the aisle and bay location. The service can also provide shoppers with mobile coupons, marketing messages or offers specifically related to the items they requested to offer timely and relevant mobile marketing opportunities. Team: While shopping a big box hardware store, Aisle411 Founder & CEO Nathan Pettyjohn was having difficulty finding a desired item. After two store associates were unable to help find the item, and 20 wasted minutes later, Pettyjohn left the store without the desired item. As he left the store, Pettyjohn encountered another frustrated customer who was also leaving the retailer frustrated and empty-handed. This frustration prevents a seamless shopping experience and can ultimately detrimental to retailers and CPG manufacturers who count on the retailers for distribution.

Solution Spotlight: Alert Technologies Smart Button Streamlines Fitting Room Service

Concept: Alert Technologies was approached in 1990 by a large regional retailer with a simple question: “Is there a way our customers can ask for assistance from inside the Fitting Room?” That question became the driving force behind Alert Technologies. The The Smart Button™ Fitting Room Service System technology offers retailers a mobile paging system and an occupancy sensing system that tracks length of stay; number of visits, and transmits requests using any in-store communication channel. The solution is largely focused on serving small to medium footprint specialty apparel retailers with a well-defined service strategy and a concern for customer experience. Houston-based Alert Technologies has found the most success with retailers looking to reverse missed conversion opportunities due to service failures in the fitting rooms, and for retailers looking for a tangible way to measure the impact of associate training on customer service.

Solution Spotlight: GoECart Targets Shopping Cart Abandonment Issue With One Page Checkout

Concept: Using innovative tools to address the challenges of the ever-changing online shopping environment, the GoECart solution is designed to empower merchants and retailers of all sizes with on-demand ecommerce solutions. The latest version, GoECart 8, combines over 250 ecommerce software features with a customizable Web storefront and site hosting. One unique feature of GoECart is its “One-Page Checkout” capability, designed to address the ongoing issue of shopping cart abandonment. The Team: In business since 2000, GoECart was founded by Manish Chowdhary, GoECart’s CEO. Chowdhary, an outspoken advocate for ecommerce best practices, often speaks on topics like shopping cart abandonment, social computing, Web 2.0, and personalization. Headquartered in Bridgeport, CT, GoECart's Thriving Partner Ecosystem of ecommerce solution providers, along with the GoECart team, aim to deliver the rich, immersive experience expected by today's savvy Web shoppers.

ATG Recommendations

Concept:Initially introduced in 2007, ATG Recommendations is an on-demand service designed to provide online merchants the ability to offer automated, personalized recommendations and merchandise to online shoppers. Unlike other solutions which recommend items based on what shoppers purchased in the past or based on shoppers with similar interests, ATG Recommendations aims to predict what each shopper wants to buy in each visit to an e-commerce site to help retailers increase conversion rates, order values, and customer loyalty. In May the company announced its spring 2009 release of ATG Recommendations, which includes new features: Email recommendations, enhanced merchant control over recommendations and cross channel and rich media support.

EZface Virtual Mirror Kiosk Brings Cosmetics Try-On Capability In-Store

Concept: Launched in January 2009, the EZface Virtual Mirror Kiosk is an addition to the EZface Virtual Mirror Web application, which was launched in 2001. For use in brick and mortar stores, the new kiosk application is a computerized beauty advisory designed to provide instant personalized makeup suggestions based on skin tone, eye color and other facial features. The system takes the consumer's photo and instantly analyzes it for facial features and color profile. The consumer can than "try on" various products to see how they look. The virtual beauty makeover technology is designed to encourage consumers to try new looks based on sophisticated matching algorithms through an intuitive user interface. The technology is an open system and easily integrated into any E-commerce or CRM system.

Sesh Brings Social Shopping to E-Commerce

Concept: Founded in 2007, is part of a new generation of social shopping platforms. Sesh furnishes online retailers with an interactive co-browsing and a real-time communication solution. Sesh provides one-click customer-to-customer group shopping within a retailer’s Web site, offering online retailers a new way to increase sales by enabling their own customers to offer instant purchase validation. Customers can also bring new shoppers to a retailer’s site when they invite friends to “sesh” with them.

Paymo Brings Mobile Payment To Consumers Sans Credit Card

Concept:Founded in 2007, Paymo is a mobile payment system designed to allow consumers anywhere in the world to buy online and pay with their mobile phone. Tending to the online population without credit cards, Paymo is designed to give customers an alternative payment method, ultimately helping online retailers expand their customer base.


Concept: Most e-commerce retailers are familiar with the science of product recommendations. richrelevance has created an addition to its SaaS platform called myrecs, which uses more data to recommend more products per page, and updates customer information to recommend those products in real time.

Taggle Brings Mobile Bids To Brick & Mortar Stores

The Concept:Taggle is a new concept designed to allow consumers in a brick-and-mortar retail store to bid on items in a no-hassle way via the mobile device. While designed to work optimally for the iPhone and iPod touch, Taggle can also work for owners of other phones via SMS messaging. In September 2008, the Consumer Electronic Association selected Taggle as one of 15 finalists worldwide as one of the most innovative applications of 2008.

Spartan Selects SofTechnics Mobile Apps To Improve Inventory Management

Spartan Stores, the nation's tenth largest grocery distributor, is rolling out Perpetual Inventory and Computer Automated Ordering solutions developed by SofTechnics. The Grand Rapids, Michigan-based grocery wholesale distributor and retail operator is utilizing the solutions for improved management of product selection, reduction of out-of-stocks, better forecasting, profitability at SKU level, and reduction of costs.
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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.