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Checkpoint Systems Offers Video Solution For In-Store Marketing, Loss Prevention

In-store video applications can empower retailers to improve the brick-and-mortar experience in several ways. Pairing content publishing capabilities with video, audio and live camera feeds, these cutting-edge solutions allow merchants to better market to in-store consumers as well as reduce shrink. The Interactive Public View (IPV) Enhanced monitor from Checkpoint Systems was developed to offer retailers a variety of interactive tools and technologies for brick-and-mortar stores, including triggered and sequenced media playback and a built-in file browser. Moreover, the monitor enables pre- and post-event recording to track how shoppers move through store aisles.

StopLift Scan Avoidance Technology Helps Prevent Loss At Checkout

In-store retail shrinkage continues to concern retailers already faced by thinning profit margins. As many as 39% of merchants link video surveillance to closed-circuit television (CCTV) solutions in stores to stay abreast of incidents in higher risk areas, according to a November 2012 retail loss prevention survey report from Aberdeen Group. The report indicated that 59% of respondents apply video surveillance in store departments, while 44% use CCTV specifically across POS systems.

IgnitionOne Unveils Google Shopping Solution

More retailers are considering the benefits of Google Shopping Product Listing Ads (PLAs) to maximize product visibility and awareness among search engine users. In fact, as of November 2012, 100,000 retailers were participating in the service, according to a recent article from Retail TouchPoints. IgnitionOne, a digital marketing solution provider, recently added a Google Shopping feature within its Digital Marketing Suite (DMS). The new solution was designed to empower marketers with the tools and resources to better manage PLAs and track their performance against other advertising channels.

Profitect Launches Cloud-Based QuickInsight Profit Amplification

To reduce costs across the entire supply chain and realize increased revenues, retailers must identify root causes in non-standard anomalies such as inventory distortion, on-shelf availability and shrink/waste/damage, and quickly determine and address the controllable factors. Pattern-seeking algorithms help reveal this information, reduce profit leakage, and improve business processes. Profitect, provider of the pattern-seeking Profit Amplification software suite, has introduced QuickInsight, a cloud-based version of the algorithmic technology designed to provide quick access to solution benefits for a limited time period. It enables retailers to experience the process of identifying and resolving opportunities for profit improvement, with live deployment realized in approximately two weeks.

WisePricer Features Real-Time Price Monitoring Solutions For Online Retailers

The rise of online discount outlets continues to create a more competitive online retail environment. As a result, merchants are striving be more efficient at tracking and responding to competitors’ pricing strategies. WisePricer is a detailed pricing engine designed to monitor, analyze and re-price e-Tailers’ products in real time. Moreover, the solution was developed to help retailers save the time and money required to track competing retailers’ prices manually.

RetailNext In-Store Analytics Tool Features Storewide Traffic Heat Mapping

Brick-and-mortar retail leaders regularly evaluate store layouts, fixtures, planograms, staffing, and product offerings to optimize customer convenience and basket size. But how do they best determine and understand how shoppers move around their stores ― where they go, in what order, how long they stay, when they arrive ― and how these behaviors map to actual sales? The cloud-based RetailNext store analytics platform from RetailNext, a real-time in-store monitoring and Applied Big Data solutions provider, utilizes video analytics, on-shelf sensors, and data from POS systems and other sources to enable merchants to monitor, collect, analyze and visualize in-store data.

Solution Roundup: 10 Companies Provide Retailers With New And Updated Solutions

Retailers are seeking innovative solutions and services to help them better keep pace with a variety of trends across digital and physical channels. Below is a snapshot of 10 companies that recently have introduced new retail solutions, or have provided an update to their current menus of solutions and services. AQUA Ion Helps Retailers Improve Site Performance As the retail technology space continues to evolve, solutions and overall web experiences will become more complex. Akamai Technologies released AQUA Ion to help retailers meet any performance challenges that may arise as their e-Commerce strategies develop. Launched in October 2012, Aqua Ion empowers retailers to ensure quality site performance and security based on each user’s unique browser, device and network, as well as the kind of content being accessed.

SAP Announces New Series Of Retail Solutions

Most retailers seek to achieve real-time analysis of shopper, avoid shortages and overstocks with access to real-time ordering, and influence consumer behavior at the moment of decision across channels. SAP has announced a series of tools that address these retail issues. Two of the new solutions enable retailers to deploy real-time analytics quickly ― within seven to 12 weeks on average, according to an SAP press release. The SAP Planning for Retail rapid-deployment solution enables real-time, demand-driven forecasting analytics that allow retailers to define corporate budgets several years in advance. It is an out-of-the-box strategy that delivers pinpoint demand and financial forecasting with end-to-end functionality, the release stated. The SAP Shopper Insight rapid-deployment solution helps retail managers quickly access and analyze sales, returns and other transactional data for faster, more calculated decisions based on current customer trends and demand.

Medallia Launches Social Feedback Solution

More consumers are turning to social networks to share their feedback on products and retail experiences across channels. Increasingly consumers also are taking note of opinions shared by friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and other sites to help make final purchasing decisions. As a result, user feedback and recommendations are having more impact than advertisements on future retail sales: As many as 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations, while only 33% trust online ads, according to Nielsen research.

7 Companies Highlight NRF Announcements In RTP Solution Spotlights

During the NRF BIG Show this year, solution providers are focusing their announcements and introductions on a variety of key industry trends, including: mobile technology, marketing management, digital signage, RFID, workforce management and more. Retail TouchPoints has worked with seven leading companies to create Solution Spotlights that help highlight their offerings for NRF and throughout 2013.

X-Cart Debuts Enterprise Shopping Cart Package For Large Retailers

While 75 million people, or one-third of the total Internet population, buy goods online each quarter, according to a study from comScore, another 80% of online shoppers have placed items in shopping carts then left the sites without buying. Concerned eTailers are addressing these lost opportunities with fast, feature-rich, scalable and customizable shopping cart funnels that make online checkout more convenient for shoppers, and thus more productive for e-businesses. Targeting large eTailers intent on minimizing cart abandonment and growing digital purchase rates, X-Cart, a PCI-compliant shopping cart platform, has expanded to include a turnkey enterprise solution requiring no programming knowledge to create and run a sophisticated online store. The new X-cart Enterprise starter package, available from Qualiteam, includes a dedicated in-house X-Cart team, including a developer, project manager, UI designer, QA specialist, and training and technical support. The solution also features premium hosting; multiple licenses with training; store customization with designs; enhanced Facebook integration; as-you-type, instant search suggestions, and other features targeting large retailers’ shopping cart needs.

Perfect Shelf Offers 3D Modeling For In-Store Merchandising

As more consumers use digital channels to research products and complete transactions, solutions such as 3D modeling and visualization tools are helping to make brick-and-mortar stores the star once again. The Perfect Shelf offering from Dassault Systèmes was designed to give retailers and consumer packaged goods manufacturers access to 3D visualizations of retail aisles, including shelves, fixtures, products, lighting and promotional materials. Additionally, the solution incorporates and connects a variety of business scenarios in the areas of category management and space planning, such as new packaging introduction and category assessment. As a result, organizations can create new store designs and shopping experiences more quickly and cost efficiently.

SeeMore Delivers Personalized Brand Engagement

Every merchant seeks to provide new, more enjoyable and engaging shopping experiences. Brick-and-mortar retailers especially want to provide these experiences via the smartphone, which is expected to influence 19% of annual retail store sales by 2016, translating to $689 billion in brick-and-mortar transactions, according to research from Deloitte Consulting. As sales of mobile devices continue to proliferate, more consumers are using these tools in-store to research products, prices and ratings/reviews. Now in-store shoppers also can leverage integrated image recognition, augmented reality and recommendation engine technologies to “see more” about a product and the retailer’s other offerings.

PeriscopeLISTENS Integrates Employee Feedback Into Customer Experience Management

Best-in-class retailers leverage Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions that collect shopper feedback across channels and integrate insights to improve brand experiences. CEM tools provide essential data for optimizing customer-facing retail strategies, but until now, a key perspective had been missing: employee insights.
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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.