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iQmetrix Engages Shoppers With Interactive In-Store Browsing Experience

Retailers place a great deal of emphasis on multichannel and cross-channel engagement to reach today’s consumers while satisfying their shopping preferences. One of those preferences, the in-store experience, remains strong, especially for high-tech products such as mobile devices with which customers seek detailed answers and support. Retailers can draw these shoppers with new, more convenient, informative and engaging in-store experiences. Launched by iQmetrix in January 2012, XQ Interactive Retail offers in-store applications that engage, educate and guide shoppers throughout the process of purchasing a mobile device. The solution helps retailers increase store traffic through engaging displays and content, and reduce walkouts by empowering customers to educate themselves with displays until a sales associate is available.

Stella Nova Mobile Retail Framework Integrates Multichannel Commerce

As mobile commerce continues to grow at a rapid pace, today’s mobile shoppers increasingly demand a seamless store experience across a wide variety of channels. A majority (65%) of mobile owners have used their mobile device to find a business to make an in-store purchase, according to Google. The Mobile Retail Framework is designed to empower retailers with anywhere, anytime, device transacting. It features an HTML 5 cloud-enabled POS application. Mobile Retail Framework was developed specifically to provide local and global retailers with a fast, secure and flexible answer to omnichannel, multi-geography transacting operations. It was created by Stella Nova Technologies, Inc., a Wake Forest, N.C.-based POS and web application provider, and launched at NRF’s Big Show in January 2012.

Profitect Identifies Lost Profits To Reduce Shrinkage

 Retailers are challenged to implement and maintain technologies and processes for a variety of business operations. Often, as their critical management components are tested, retailers are at risk of losing dollars that have “fallen through the cracks.” Designed to help retailers discover and actualize untapped profit and growth opportunities, the Profitect Profit-Amplification Suite identifies value chain margin leakage, shrink, waste, process errors and operational risks and damages. In a statement on its web site, Profitect claimed that its solution delivers a more than 5% profit increase within six months. In one recent example, a retail customer reported a 20% shrinkage reduction in one year.

Scala Introduces Advanced Analytics To Empower Retailers With Big Data

In an effort to better understand business processes and make more efficient store productivity decisions, retailers are utilizing analytics and big data to optimize the value of historical information or other data streams. Scala, Inc., recently introduced Scala Advanced Analytics, a cloud- based predictive analytics application designed to enable retailers to integrate market and live third-party data streams into marketing messages that encourage positive buying behaviors. The Advanced Analytics tool is aimed at providing retailers the ability to produce tailored POS digital signage that leverages key customer preference data to highlight purchase value for the shopper. By utilizing data to predict and deliver optimum sales messages, retailers can leverage digital signage to progress the path to purchase, which, according to industry analysts, is a vital to managing and catering to shopper expectations.

Proximiant Streamlines Mobile Payment With “Touch And Go” Digital Receipts Solutions

As mobile wallets are emerging as the next big trend in retail, retailers have a compelling opportunity to enhance the customer experience and expedite the checkout process. The move to mobile wallets is a natural progression in retail, and may become a key customer expectation as more consumers utilize their native mobile devices for a wider variety of tasks. Paving the way for mobile payments, the “Touch and Go” digital receipts solution from Proximiant uses near field communication (NFC) technology to eliminate the need for paper receipts. The approach was launched in November 2011 by this California-based startup, which focuses on offering retailers the ability to convert casual customers to loyal ones without additional IT or overhead costs.

WirelessWERX Analyzes Mobile Consumer Patterns, Empowers Retailers With Preference Data

Today’s digitally savvy consumer has high expectations for personalized, relevant interactions across all touch points with a retailer. To provide a winning experience, retailers must develop a deeper understanding of customer behavior and intent. Empowered with rich, qualitative information about shopper preferences, retailers can increase the efficiency of the customer experience from initial engagement to conversion, and ultimately drive store traffic and revenue. Launched in January 2012, WirelessWERX is a mobile consumer tracking solution designed to enable retailers to garner graphical in-store consumer analytics and insight. The solution utilizes sensory nodes to identify the location of customers with mobile phones and other wireless-enabled devices. Focused on protecting customer privacy and security, the solution does not require a customer download, and can isolate sections of the store as small as a three-foot radius.

NCR Expands Predictive Services To The POS

For many retailers, in-store success hinges on the efficiency of checkout systems — both self-checkout and the traditional POS. Merchants can prevent unsavory customer relationship issues by having visibility into potential system problems ahead of time. NCR Predictive Services is a managed service offering for assisted and self-service technologies. The solution is aimed at predicting failures before they happen, to help retailers enhance preventative measures and speed issue resolution. Already available for self-checkout devices, in January 2012 NCR expanded the capabilities of its Predictive Services to the NCR RealPOS™point-of-sale (POS) terminals.

Hydra OneSearch Platform Streamlines Integrated Search Management

Increasingly savvy online customers utilize a variety of Internet-based tools and technologies to seek out peer endorsements, research and the right product at the right price. eTailers can optimize brand influence throughout the customer research journey with search management tools. Launched in December 2011, the Hydra OneSearch platform is focused on driving revenue and ROI through integrated management and implementation of phrase marketing campaigns across natural and paid search, as well as social media. Hydra OneSearch, the next generation launch of the Hydra One platform, is designed to enable retailers to identify emerging trends, product interest and inform strategies through intelligent recommendations of high visibility keywords across different search channels.

Monetate Agility Suite Streamlines Data-Driven Changes For Retail Marketers

Monetate, a provider of marketing optimization technology, recently launched its Agility Suite, a product suite designed to provide online marketers access to web site agility to keep pace with evolving consumer behavior in omni-channel retail. Installed on an e-Commerce site with a line of code, Monetate’s Agility Suite is delivered to businesses through a cloud-based platform that runs in the browser, and allows marketers to make data-driven changes outside of the IT queue. The Agility Suite offers marketers a digital toolkit focused on harvesting deeper customer engagement, actionable data and more relevant and targeted message delivery. Launched in January 2012, the Monetate Agility Suite is comprised of five product layers designed to enable marketers to:

Strangeloop Mobile Site Optimizer Speeds Content Delivery For Enhanced User Experience

Given the continued rapid growth of mobile device adoption, shoppers expect a stellar, mobile-optimized experience from the e-Commerce web sites they visit. Industry insiders note that whether or not a retailer intends to “go mobile,” it’s a natural progression for consumers to expect e-Commerce sites to be optimized for mobile devices. In fact, a recent Tealeaf survey found that 85% of mobile users expect sites to load at least as fast, if not faster, on their mobile devices. Frustrated by the lack of ease-of-use, shoppers often abandon non-mobile optimized web sites. For retailers, there are significant obstacles to delivering this content and user experience, including huge pages, low bandwidth, poorly powered devices and network limitations. The Strangeloop Mobile Site Optimizer is a front-end solution, available as either a service via the cloud or an appliance in the datacenter, designed to work around these obstacles to deliver pages up to 3.5 times faster, automatically.

Kronos Streamlines Workforce Management Via InTouch Time Clock

Editors' note: We have simplified the Retail TouchPoints Solution Spotlight. The new form is available here. The proliferation of mobile devices and channels has changed the way consumers interact with technologies. Retail time clocks, however, have remained unchanged and cannot assimilate employees’ new technology habits. To address this challenge, Kronos Incorporated created the InTouch time clock, aimed at helping retailers streamline and mobilize workforce management. The InTouch solution is an electronic time clock that allows retailers to automate time capture and provide full employee self-service capabilities. Launched in November 2011, the cloud-based InTouch time clock integrates with many other workforce management technologies: Employees can use the solution to check accrual balances, request time off and view schedules, all in real time.

NRF 2012 Solution Spotlights

NRF 2012 offers solution providers the ability to showcase the latest product announcements. With the focus on mobile this year, retailers are in search of new ways to engage with savvy consumers and speed up the movement of store products. These five solution spotlights strive to help retail executives keep an eye on store operations, product management and workforce management.

LightSpeed Streamlines Checkout Via Interactive Mobile POS Solution

Editors' note: We have simplified the Retail TouchPoints Solution Spotlight. The new form is available by clicking here. Today’s mobilized consumer expects more personalized service during the shopping experience. To streamline the checkout process and provide an enhanced customer experience in-store, LightSpeed for iPad brings an interactive platform directly to the store floor, on a device native to today’s shopper.

First Insight Maximizes New Product Success With Consumer-Driven Analytics

Merchants are striving to develop optimal product selection, pricing and selling strategies due to today’s highly competitive retail landscape. However, poor planning processes have forced some stores to deal with excess inventory and inevitable markdowns with each season change. To address the need for more dynamic insight into shopper preferences, the First Insight Solution provides retailers with broad-based customer feedback on new products. Retailers then can leverage optimal product development and planning in line with shoppers’ wants and needs.

TheFind Adds New TapBuy Technology To Speed Checkout For Mobile Shoppers

Editors' note: We have simplified the Retail TouchPoints Solution Spotlight. The new form is available by clicking here. TapBuy, a new checkout technology that stores shoppers’ billing and shipping preferences, has been licensed by TheFind. Launched in November 2011, TapBuy is designed for developers, shopping aggregators and retailers, and can be embedded within users’ mobile applications. Using cloud-based technology, the TapBuy application forwards order and payment information to the merchant in real time. Touted as a “10-second online shopping” tool, TapBuy was developed and launched by Kima Labs, a company founded by veterans Blake Scholl and Jason Crawford. In early trials, TapBuy has increased sales conversion for retailers up to 15 times, according to the company.
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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.