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Blutag Offers Voice-Based Product Search Platform

Blutag, a cloud-based voice commerce platform, lets retailers offer their customers a voice-based browsing experience. Shoppers can search entire product catalogs on voice-based devices with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant using the platform. Customers can phrase their queries using natural language, like “I am looking for some blue running shoes,” for ease of use. The platform also offers personalized recommendations to ensure shoppers see products that are relevant to their tastes and needs.

Scalefusion Offers Digital Signage Software For In-Store Kiosks

Scalefusion, an enterprise device management solution provider, offers digital signage kiosk software to help retailers create digital ads, videos and traditional store signage. The solution includes tools to manage, control and secure a fleet of Android, iOS, macOS and Windows 10 devices to ensure productivity and precision. Some of the capabilities of the platform include: Location Tracking: Retailers can determine and track the location of mobile devices in real time; Multi App Mode: The tool allows users to access multiple apps without changing the device settings; Remote Kiosk Management: Multiple points of operation can be accessed remotely through a cloud-based solution; Custom Branding: Android devices can have the company logo and custom wallpaper updated remotely; and Remotely Lock/Unlock: Devices can be locked and unlocked remotely from a web-based dashboard. The Scalefusion platform also has add-ons such as Mobile Application Management, which allows for the secure distribution of both in-house and commercial apps.

Zebra Debuts Four Store Productivity Solutions

Zebra Technologies Corporation, a manufacturer and seller of enterprise visibility and data capture solutions, has introduced two new Android devices: the EC30 Enterprise Companion mobile computer and the ET51/ET56 rugged tablet. Additionally, the solution provider has introduced SmartCount, a turn-key software and scanner solution, and Workforce Connect, which helps retailers manage customized worker profiles. The EC30 Enterprise Companion is designed to enable communication and task management among frontline workers through barcode scanning and voice capabilities. The device supports both frontline productivity and customer service initiatives.

BitBox Gives A Single View Of Locations Across The Company

BitBox, a Platform-as-a-Service solution provider, helps retailers monitor their locations and aggregate data to enable better data-driven decision making. The software lets retailers with multiple sites develop a centralized view of the entire operation, letting them connect locations and bolster operations across the company through a single unit in each facility. The BitBox hardware connects information captured from IoT devices, “smart” devices and other tools, and securely transfers them to the BitEngine through ethernet, Internet, WiFi or a 4G network. Once the solution has been deployed and wired, no further on-site configuration is required.

Endear Helps Associates Connect With Shoppers

Endear, an omnichannel CRM and clienteling app, helps retailers empower in-store associates by giving them access to customer profiles, including purchase history, notes and other relevant information. The messaging system also lets associates stay in touch with shoppers after they have left the store. The tool is designed for user friendliness, helping associates quickly access customer profiles to build one-on-one relations or make recommendations based on previous purchases. The software generates a unified customer profile across channels, and lets both retailers and their associates create unique segments of customers based on stats like total spend, products purchased and store locations.

OneMarket Debuts Activation Platform For Building Customer Relationships

OneMarket has introduced the Customer Activation Platform, a combined data management platform and solutions ecosystem. The platform helps retailers identify, understand and communicate with customers to build better relationships. The platform was designed to offer retailers a unified view across channels and work on its own or as part of a wider technology stack. The solution lets retailers choose which capabilities they want at a given time, letting them integrate it into their existing solution suite without needing to change their current operations.

ActiveViam Offers On-The-Fly Custom Pricing Rules

ActiveViam offers the ActiveViam for Pricing solution to enable retailers to instantly apply custom pricing rules for hundreds of thousands of items. The tool also lets users run multiple price scenarios on-the-fly to assess the impact on accumulated margin, competitor index, revenue and other user-defined KPIs. ActiveViam for Pricing is built for scale, flexibility and transparency, and offers retailers a comprehensive view of their product offerings. The engine is powered by proprietary prescriptive analytics technology, which uses a combination of optimization and simulation algorithms to provide advice on possible pricing outcomes.

Kenco And Primera Launch Anti-Fraud Smart Tags

Kenco, a logistics solution provider, and Primera Technology, a specialty printer manufacturer, have partnered to launch the Kenco-LP tag, an anti-fraud solution. The tags are tamper-proof and can also assist with inventory and product tracking. The solution is designed to help disrupt shoplifting, wardrobing, receipt fraud, price switching and other forms of shrinkage. Print software captures data points and starts the audit trail, allowing retailers to keep track of items every step of the way, even post-purchase — if it’s altered, tampered with or removed the product cannot be returned.

Kronos Adds Task Management Tools To Workforce Dimensions

Kronos has added task management capabilities to its Workforce Dimensions cloud suite. Kronos Task Management powered by ThinkTime is designed to help retailers manage scheduling and timekeeping, store operations, HR and payroll through specific abilities including: Helping associates prioritize actionable tasks, daily to-dos and customer needs from any device; Enabling proactive planning and improved visibility into the real-time status of distributed work; Harnessing task data to inform labor forecasting and scheduling; Maintaining balanced workflows to ensure associates have time to complete critical tasks; Delivering real-time, mobile-first communication and support to front-line workers; and Providing the ability to audit individual store locations and validate the quality of work performed. The tools included by the suite can ensure transparency and help retailers streamline their operations across the operation by comparing activities by location, role and individual. Additionally, the communication capabilities can support training initiatives, while the audits help field leaders and managers document the development of individual stores.

RevTrax Adds AI Capabilities To Help Retailers Optimize Promotions

RevTrax, an offer management platform for e-Commerce sites, has added machine learning and AI capabilities to its offering to improve speed and efficiency. The updated software lets the tool replay events, determine causality and measure results based on a criteria set by the retailer. RevTrax can use these techniques to rerun traffic through modeled scenarios and find optimal outcomes, as well as adjust the flow of traffic for segments of users in real time to maximize sales. The platform derives its insights from more than 11 years of anonymous consumer offer-behavior, taking past activity and results and applying different sets of offer-values to see how shoppers will react.

Podium Introduces Teamchat To Enhance Internal Collaboration

Podium, an interaction management platform, has added Teamchat to its solution suite. The tool is designed to help businesses centralize interactions between employees and let them communicate through the same platform both internally and externally. Teamchat enables internal teams to exchange both direct and group messages, add clickable links, send and receive attachments and use mentions to ensure the correct people are alerted in any given message. Employees can use the same platform to communicate with customers and vendors, keeping all communications in a centralized location.

SmarterHQ Launches Tools For Cross-Channel Push Notifications

SmarterHQ, a personalization platform, has launched App Data Collect and Mobile Push Messaging capabilities. The tools are designed to help retailers incorporate mobile options into their cross-channel marketing strategies. Marketers can collect and analyze the behavior of mobile app users through App Data Collect, then combine the app data with web and offline sources to automate content across channels. Together, these tools enable retailers to coordinate mobile campaigns alongside their efforts in email, web and other channels.

Returnly Debuts System To Power Eco-Friendly Return Policies

Returnly, a post-purchase solution provider, has launched Green Returns to help retailers offer shoppers smart, eco-friendly return policies. The system enables brands to manage logistics to reduce the cost and environmental footprint of processing returns, and even offer “returnless refunds” where their best customers can receive refunds without being required to return the original item. Green Returns makes real-time return policy decisions to improve the customer experience and streamline operations and help retailers with an environmentally friendly message live out their values. The tool is aimed at beauty and intimates retailers in particular, as these brands often need to dispose of used and opened products that could pose a potential health risk.

Reflexis Launches Repository To Offer Retailers Centralized Document Storage

Reflexis Systems, a real-time store operations solution provider, has launched the Document Repository to empower associates and managers with a streamlined platform for creating, storing and sharing documentation. The tool is designed to eliminate complexities and risk while saving time for staff. Document Repository can streamline situations and educate associates on subjects including standard operating procedures, training resources, information on merchandising or store sets and loss prevention guidelines.

Brandboom Updates Connect Lead Generation Tool To Bridge Retailers And Suppliers

Brandboom, a content management and sales automation system, has introduced new features designed to build trust between suppliers and retailers. Brandboom v9.0 updates the company’s virtual trade show service, Connect, and increases the software’s feedback capability. Connect enhances lead generation by leveraging AI to analyze buying patterns, similar products and trends to suggest appropriate buyers or retailers. The tool allows users to filter by criteria including trade shows, retail categories and countries to further refine the search.
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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.