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PCMS Debuts Personalized Offers For Omnichannel Marketing Engagement

PCMS has unveiled Personalized Offers, a cloud-based, API-driven engine designed to deliver more effective, engaging marketing for retailers. The solution is designed to help retailers personalize the shopping journey by giving each customer a unique identifier (a physical loyalty card, QR code, mobile app or fingerprint scan), with the aim of helping retailers gain granular consumer insights on individual shoppers.

Applexus Unveils Cloud Solutions For Retail, Fashion And Consumer Industries

Applexus Technologies, a global enterprise business consulting and services company, has debuted retail solutions and cloud product authorization with SAP. The Applexus Retail and Fashion solution for SAP S/4 HANA and the Applexus Consumer Products solution for SAP S/4 HANA Cloud are programmed to provide an engineered and packaged set of solutions designed to target the specific needs of these industries.

PricePong Launches AI-Based Price Negotiating System

PricePong has launched a price negotiation system designed to allow shoppers to "make an offer" for the price they would like to pay on select items. The pricing system is programmed to use personal data from customers' profiles to deliver a personalized experience.

Trace One Launches B2B Collaboration Network

Trace One has unveiled the Trace One Network, a global retail collaboration network designed to promote efficient, accurate communication that can foster innovation. The private label management platform will leverage its global network of 20,000 retail companies to create a single online hub for retailers to improve their shopping experiences.

Bread Offers White-Label Financing Options For Online Shoppers

Bread, a financing technology company that raised $126 million in August 2017, offers a full-funnel white label financing platform designed to help retailers reach more consumers seeking to pay in monthly installments. The platform’s financing options include a wide range of loan term lengths and structures. Purchases with Bread are straightforward installment loans with transparent terms and pricing and no deferred interest or pre-payment penalties. Example loan programs include terms from three to 36 months, positive APR loans and 0% APR loans.

Convey Adds Shopper Alerts To Delivery Management Platform

The Convey delivery management platform has unveiled new communication features designed to improve collaboration among carriers, shoppers and retailers. The features include new shopper alert “paks,” designed to help retailers reduce inbound calls by providing customers with timely shipment details via their preferred channel, including what actions to take to ensure successful delivery. 

Qubit Debuts AI-Powered Product Discovery Solution For Mobile

Qubit has launched Qubit Aura, a product discovery solution for mobile web designed to help retail brands tackle mobile shopper conversion issues. Qubit Aura sits on an existing mobile web site and, through AI-powered personalization, changes the products users see based on their behavior. Although two users may start seeing the same retail experience, Qubit Aura is programmed to provide users with real-time individualized experiences based on their actions and predicted tastes. While traffic on both mobile and desktop is comparable, desktop still beats mobile in conversion rates, revenue per visitor and average number of products viewed, according to Qubit.

Eltima Develops Port Virtualization Technology

Eltima Software developed the Eltima Port Virtualization Technology (EPVT), which is designed to turn any retailer’s POS software into a cloud-based system via USB and serial COM ports. Users get the opportunity to access their barcode scanner, scales, payment terminals or cashier's data and collect it into one database on the server PC. The technology is designed to be integrated into any OS and customized for any needs.

ShippingEasy Unveils Automated Email Marketing Campaigns

ShippingEasy has launched Automated Email Marketing, an addition to its Customer Management module. This marketing tool is designed to enable e-Commerce retailers to act on their customer data and set up automated marketing emails to increase sales from existing customers. As retailers process orders and shipments, they can use ShippingEasy to send marketing emails to: Generate product reviews; Upsell related products; Offer deals and coupons; and Win back customers.

ComScore And PlaceIQ Launch Joint Marketing Platform, PlaceIQ PVR

PlaceIQ and comScore have launched a joint solution, PlaceIQ PVR powered by comScore, which is designed to measure lift in retail visits resulting from TV, mobile and desktop advertising. With this solution, retail marketers (and their agencies)can understand the holistic impact of their advertising and how it affects store traffic. In addition, media sellers can prove the value of their inventory and its ability to drive consumers to visit brick-and-mortar locations.

StitcherAds Integrates POS Data With Facebook Offline API

StitcherAds, a global Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partner, has unveiled a new feature to its unified commerce solution that integrates retail POS data with Facebook’s offline API and new ad formats for driving in-store purchases. The new feature is designed to give retail marketers access to accurate, identity-based data on how Facebook and Instagram ads impact in-store revenue, allowing them to target offline purchases online.

Theatro Launches New Release Of Voice Content Management Platform

Theatro unveiled a new release to its content management platform for voice, CDM 2.0. This platform is designed to allow headquarters and management to create voice messages and automate their delivery to hourly workers in retail, hospitality and manufacturing. The new enhancements include more effective voice message creation and delivery through dynamic delivery rules that are based on the skill set of the hourly worker or their physical location within the organization. Managers can deliver contextual, mission-critical messages into the ears of their team without store associates needing to view a computer terminal or log on to a smartphone app.

Revel Systems Debuts Revel Advantage Payments Solution

Revel Systems, an iPad-based POS platform, has released Revel Advantage, a simplified payment processing solution that processes credit cards and multiple payment forms. Revel Advantage bundles integrated payments with the Revel POS platform, and is designed to ensure fast and secure payment processing, favorable payment rates and the service and support benefits of a single vendor. The new offering provides a one-stop resource for business, combining software, hardware and payment processing.

BlueConic Unveils Customer Data Platform Assessment Tool For Marketers

BlueConic has released a customer data platform (CDP) assessment tool, designed to help marketers understand organizational maturity for implementing a CDP and craft a roadmap for adoption. These systems ingest data from first-party sources such as a company’s web site, CRM, POS systems and mobile apps. They differ from data management platforms (DMPs) in their support of real-time data and persistent (longer than 90 days) storage, to support omnichannel, personalized marketing campaigns.
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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.