YCD|LivePlayer Bridges Gap Between Digital Signage And Mobile Devices

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Retailers across categories are using digital signage to promote new products and offers, making the in-store experience more compelling and relevant. Digital signage also can help retailers share print and video content, and even manage queues.

YCD|LivePlayer allows retailers to deploy in-store digital signage by combining Android-based players and tablets with smart displays. YCD|LivePlayer 1.0 is available in two editions: An Android application available in the Google Play store, and as a downloadable player for Samsung Displays with the SMART Signage Platform (SSP). The downloadable player operates on the display’s built-in SSP engine, eliminating the need for player hardware.

Since YCD|LivePlayer is available for all Android devices, store associates can implement the solution into their own devices. Both versions of the solution are managed by YCD|RAMP — YCD’s browser-based Retail Advertising and Merchandising Platform — which uses smart templates to create compelling content and deploy interactive experiences on touch-enabled tablets. POS integration allows retailers to tailor displays to reflect real-time inventory changes and display complementary item recommendations during the checkout process.


YCD|LivePlayer channels managed by YCD|RAMP include real-time status and player health monitoring, remote control, real-time remote screen snapshots and playback information.

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