UJET Debuts New Integrations For Customer Support Platform

UJET Debuts New Integrations For Customer Support Platform

UJET has launched a number of new capabilities for the UJET Customer Support Platform. These integrations and enhancements include new workforce management (WFM), quality management (QM) and CRM integration and configuration capabilities.

The additional features include:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration: Microsoft Dynamics 365 users now have full access to the UJET Customer Support Platform, including call and chat adapters, patented smart-actions and advanced routing;
  • Verint Monet WFM Integration: This integration automatically pushes data from the UJET platform into the Verint WFM system, allowing enabling supervisors to incorporate forecasting, scheduling and workforce optimization;
  • Verint Monet QM Integration: UJET’s call adapter now directly integrates with Verint QM, allowing retailers to monitor and evaluate agent interactions with customers and other performance metrics;
  • Customizable Ticket Titles: Retailers can customize ticket titles via dynamic parameters to help agents see additional useful information, with options for organizing by phone number, call chat ID, menu path and more; and
  • Custom Field Lookup: Agents, supervisors and administrators can use their own unique identifiers when looking up end users.
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