TalentClick Adds Team Analytics To Assessment Platform

TalentClick Adds Team Analytics To Assessment Platform

TalentClick has added a Team Analytics functionality to its personality assessment platform to gain a better analysis of the dynamics within a team.

Team Analytics is designed to provide users with insights into the inner workings of teams, in order to:

  • Diagnose internal challenges;

  • Identify areas for improvement; and

  • Enhance how team members understand and respect each other’s personalities.


Retailers seeking to monitor sales floor or back office performance more effectively can gather data regarding employee collaboration to determine which employees work best together.

The module creates reports with the scores of multiple people all on one chart at no extra cost, enabling department heads and management teams to compare and contrast the profiles of team members, divisions and locations online. Users can review this aggregated data to contextualize the interactions within the personality of the team, rather than only being able to see the profiles of individual people.

By accurately identifying such key indicators, retailers may see an increase in employee retention, a reduction in safety incidents and improved employee morale, efficiency and profitability.

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