Symphony RetailAI Releases Virtual Store Remodeling Platform

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Symphony RetailAI has unveiled the SR Virtual Store Remodeling solution for grocery retailers and suppliers. The VR platform is designed to optimize existing and new store layouts based on customer-driven design, research and testing analysis.

The solution allows CPG companies to analyze products’ shelf performance, helping to promote better shopper experiences, operational efficiency and supplier collaboration without significant resource investment from retailers and CPGs.

The platform operates in three distinct phases:


  • Future-Proof Design Concepts: The Symphony RetailAI Shopper Experience group creates a virtual 3D model showing any version of a retailer’s store layouts. Without affecting any live stores, stakeholders can see store concepts at all levels of the planning process and can integrate real store plans, planograms and shopper marketing activations;
  • Virtual Customer-Driven User Testing: Once virtually constructed, Symphony RetailAI hosts real shoppers at its Virtual Store Test Center in Dallas, or through a virtual portal where the customers walk through the store concept. This component allows retailers to replicate the emotional response from customers into the store space; and
  • Actionable Analysis: Symphony RetailAI reviews customer behavior from the virtual store concepts and then measures the implications of their feedback to create actionable next steps. This process provides detailed shopper input to help retailers test and respond to new customer expectations, competitive pressures and seasonal changes faster and at a lower cost.

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