Solution Spotlight: Aisle411 Gives Shoppers Power to Navigate In-Store

Aisle411 is a comprehensive mobile marketing solution designed to allow consumers to use their cell phones to locate products within a retail store. It’s an “audio store map” designed to direct shoppers to the items they are looking for, down to the aisle and bay location. The service can also provide shoppers with mobile coupons, marketing messages or offers specifically related to the items they requested to offer timely and relevant mobile marketing opportunities.

Team: While shopping a big box hardware store, Aisle411 Founder & CEO Nathan Pettyjohn was having difficulty finding a desired item. After two store associates were unable to help find the item, and 20 wasted minutes later, Pettyjohn left the store without the desired item. As he left the store, Pettyjohn encountered another frustrated customer who was also leaving the retailer frustrated and empty-handed. This frustration prevents a seamless shopping experience and can ultimately detrimental to retailers and CPG manufacturers who count on the retailers for distribution.


Pettyjohn, an experienced retail sales and marketing executive, conceived the vision for St. Louis, MO-based Aisle411, researched the opportunity, brought the management team to the concept and drives the strategic initiatives and business development for the company. Matthew Kulig, Co-Founder & COO, is a Serial Entrepreneur, MBA, and Executive Manager. Kulig brings experience in company formation, market research, financial creation and analysis, competitive strategy and business planning to the company.


Market Relevance: The Wall-Street Journal reports that up to 33% of items on a shoppers list go un-purchased because the consumer can’t find the item. Our research supports that data and indicates that retailers are missing up to 23% of sales opportunities. Aisle411 serves the shopper, but the real winner is the retailer and the CPG manufacturer, when we recover a portion of the lost sale.

Aisle411 leverages 88% mobile phone penetration to solve a very real consumer need. Retailer and CPG manufacturers have been trying to find a way to engage shoppers via their mobile phone. Aisle411 is designed to provide a solution to this challenge by addressing shopper with a service, then providing timely and relevant coupons, offers and messages.


Delivery: Aisle411 offers shoppers the opportunity to use their mobile phones to confidently navigate a retail store while providing a new medium for cross-selling, coupons and promotions. Shoppers call 1-877-AISLE-411 from their mobile phones, ask and find specific products, aisles and savings. Shoppers can opt-in to receive mobile coupons immediately after they’ve called to find a product. The technology is designed to offer shoppers a new way to connect and shop.

Proof Points: The Aisle411 solution has been launched in the hardware and grocery channels, including Ace Hardware. Capitalizing on the 88% mobile phone penetration rate, any consumer with a mobile phone can use the technology. Aisle411 company research indicates a very high level of user acceptance at all age and gender demographics. It’s projected that 1.5 billion calls with be made to free directory assistance in 2010, according to Opus Research.

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