Shoppers Provide Real-Time Feedback With Quri’s EasyShift App

Thousands of mobile shoppers are creating a network of individual focus groups for brands and retailers nationwide through EasyShift, a smartphone and cloud-based analytics app from Quri.

By participating in a number of different activities through EasyShift,  smartphone-armed shoppers earn valuable perks such as extra money at stores. Shoppers may critique displays, assess competitive dynamics, report out-of-stocks and pricing information, capture photos, and monitor promotions and launches. Once registered, EasyShift shoppers get instant access to the feedback assignments, or “Shifts,” available in their areas.

Completed Shift reports are transmitted to Quri in real time; the information is verified, analyzed and available to clients via a cloud-based analytics application. Using the feedback from EasyShift report, merchants can immediately identify problems, get a broad picture of promotions and competitive products, and address issues promptly.


“Brands invest hundreds of billions of dollars every year to promote their products in stores, and they need a scalable solution to measure and optimize that investment,” said Justin Behar, Co-Founder of Quri, in a press release. “We can check the status of products and promotions in thousands of stores within hours, providing brands and retailers with real-time, actionable data and photos, enabling them to improve their in-store execution and the shopper experience.”

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