Sagarmatha Unveils Apex Shopper Insight To Monitor Spending ROI

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Sagarmatha has released Apex Shopper Insight, a data-driven analysis and outreach solution designed to enable retailers to link shoppers via 1:1 personalization strategies.

The platform’s operational framework and tool set can create a single language across a retail organization that enables all shopper-centric departments to work cooperatively. These brands can then demonstrate ROI to CPGs on targeted campaign spending, with the goal of optimizing future budgets.

Apex Shopper Insight’s parameter analysis includes factors such as:


  • Spending per trip;

  • Spending per household;

  • Share of category and related trends;

  • Specific products;

  • Preferred communications channels; and

  • The ongoing impact of short- and long term campaign results.

Retailers can use this real-time buying data to streamline inventory control and negotiate with suppliers on a campaign-by-campaign basis with analysis of what worked, what didn’t and where to focus cooperative marketing budgets to efficiently drive sales, profit, and marketing investment.

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