Postano Command Center Helps Retailers Visualize Social Data

SS Postano ImageSocial networks generate a wealth of data about customers, including their personal tastes and preferences. These insights can help retailers improve product assortment, marketing campaigns and overall experiences. However, this data can sometimes be difficult to aggregate, analyze and put into action.

TigerLogic has developed the Postano Command Center, a platform that displays real-time brand activity gathered from social and e-Commerce sources. Providing this holistic view of consumer trends, sentiment and behaviors allows marketing teams to respond and interact with fans more effectively. In addition, marketers can segment content based on specific markets, product lines and business segments.

The Command Center is built on the Postano social media monitoring platform, and can be configured to adapt to metrics and data points that are most important to each brand. The platform can scale with businesses, which allows brand managers and executives to add social streams and keywords based business needs, and seamlessly integrate the solution into existing social media and marketing platforms.

With the Postano Command Center's user interface, executives can use their phone or tablet to navigate different sets of social and marketing data, and add new dimensions. Designed for collaboration, anyone in the organization can use the Command Center to navigate, zoom, filter and instantly pivot multiple sources of data.

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