Playd App For iPhone And Android Increases Word Of Mouth; Helps Video Game Retailers Boost Purchase Rates

Playd is a mobile application that allows users to share their gaming experiences across multiple platforms and earn rewards. Although the app does not include location-based technology, consumers can “check in” to their favorite video games — similar to foursquare — to earn in-app rewards, called “tokens.”

Tokens can vary from virtual bragging rights to keys that unlock incentives, discounts and free gifts. Social sharing capabilities such as Twitter integration and discussion channels allow users to comment on games, share which games they’re playing, and engage in conversations with others gamers within or outside the app. By tracking user behavior, videogame retailers can analyze consumer preferences and feedback in real time and develop optimal marketing strategies to boost loyalty.

Team: Playd was developed by Anthony Frasier and Alex Galkin. During his career in the gaming industry, Frasier founded award-winning, an urban culture-style gaming hub that has collaborated with 50 Cent and Xbox Live. He also served as business development rep for, a ratings site that is based on sentiment data. Frasier also has worked as a social media manager for VP/Universal records and has led development teams for various hip-hop and Hollywood talent web sites.


Galkin has more than 15 years of experience in advertising, brand management and corporate communications. He has managed creative teams; developed concepts for online, print, outdoor and TV advertising; and has grown from a junior designer to a senior creative director. Prior to joining Global Advertising in New York City, Alex worked for MetLife in global communications and marketing. On the agency side, Alex developed accounts such as DirecTV, Lufthansa, CMS Forex, Barclays and Moneygram.

Market Relevance: According to consumer market research group NPD, a majority of gamers relies on word of mouth to obtain information on video games. NPD data also indicates that referrals are a key to success for retailers looking to attract impulse video game shoppers. Playd allows retailers to tap into these word-of-mouth channels and directly engage with gamers who are recommending and discussing new game releases.

However, the video game industry loses approximately $2 billion a year due to the popularity of used games and is challenged to make up for this lost profit. Playd enhances the game referral and sharing experience. It allows users to discover new games, and most importantly, helps video game retailers convert prospects into loyal shoppers.

By partnering with Playd, video game retailers can increase customer engagement by developing campaigns that incorporate tokens and incentives. These digital rewards are sent to users who participate in customized promotions and “check in” to games. As a result, shoppers are more likely to make impulse buys online or in-store, and become more dedicated to a specific game.

Retailers also can take advantage of the in-app Universal Product Code scanner feature by rewarding users for special behavior, such as completing a video game purchase on its release date.

Delivery: Users can download the Playd app via the iPhone App Store and Android Marketplace. Once downloaded, users can begin checking in and interacting with other gamers.

Retailers can contact to set up their special token incentives. Customers will use tokens and their email address as proof of identity and purchase.

Proof Points: Playd took part in the 2011 NewMe Accelerator presented by Google. The new app also has been mentioned in Tech Crunch, CNN Money and The Guardian. Frasier recently was profiled and featured in the CNN Documentary “Black In America, The New Promised Land: Silicon Valley.”

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