Pattern89 Debuts Voyager Platform To Help Retailers Maximize Ad Performance

Pattern89, an AI-powered marketing technology company, has introduced new tools to help retailers maximize and understand ad performance at every stage of the digital advertising lifecycle. The Voyager platform now contains four features to boost creative, optimization and performance capabilities with the help of AI.

The new Creative Simulator feature is designed to predict an ad’s creative performance before it runs, giving retailers an estimate of how well each creative element will perform. This is aimed at helping marketers adjust creative to maximize results before spending money on ads, as well as helping them identify new high-performing creative concepts.

The Alert Performance Analysis feature analyzes how AI-backed alerts impact performance both before and after an alert is implemented. This feature is designed to improve transparency, understanding of the AI’s decisions and trustworthiness of the product.


The Pattern89 Creative Planner now offers Save Filters, which let marketers bookmark their most important campaign scenarios to quickly gather insights to guide creative decisions. Saving filters can simplify both product usability and frequently accessed data location.

Finally, all ad optimizations from the Pattern89 Console can now be implemented automatically with Do Everything For Me mode. This feature automatically implements each AI-driven alert without a marketer even needing to log in.

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