Pandera Systems Offers Self-Service BI, Decision Automation

Pandera Systems, a full-service business intelligence and data integration consulting firm, offers two solutions as part of its Self Service Business Intelligence and Enterprise Decision Automation offering.

• Self Service Business Intelligence enables users to create their own reusable reports and have complete control of their data, including high-performance dashboards that can lead to continual improvements to reporting systems.

• Enterprise Decision Automation provides businesses with a single analytical platform for their decision-making processes.


Hosting and managing more than 10,000 users on the cloud, Pandera Systems offers insight into how cloud platforms support Big Data and aims to help retailers analyze consumer demographics and purchasing patterns.

“The possible use cases of big data are endless and the cloud helps reduce the time and costs needed to produce these valuable insights,” said Zach Devore, Big Data Expert at Pandera Systems. “The faster a company switches to the cloud, the faster it can reduce employee, data center, licensing, hardware and multiple other costs and reallocate them to other areas within the business.

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