ORIS Intelligence Releases Price Monitoring Platform

ORIS Intelligence Releases Price Monitoring Platform

ORIS Intelligence has released a platform enabling manufacturers to monitor and enforce Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) across channels and prevent pricing violations.

The ORIS platform gives manufacturers a view of online and in-store sales with the goal of preserving margins. The solution:

  • Actively monitors each sellers’ web site, every three hours, every day of the week, to stay ahead of the frequent price adjustments made by online retailers and marketplaces;

  • Stores the pricing history indefinitely;

  • Sends daily reports so that manufacturers can see every price change, which moved first and note those retailers that have a history of violations; and

  • Enables sellers to properly market the product and support the end customer.


“Having a pricing policy and enforcing it are two different beasts,” said Pamela Springer, CEO of ORIS Intelligence. “MAP levels the purchasing playing field by eliminating the price search from the game, and allows the customer to purchase based on their needs, location and preference — and as a result, manufacturers can maintain pricing integrity and continue to innovate products, while sellers can focus on customer service.”

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