NeWants Offers Gamified Flash Sales Platform

NeWants Offers Gamified Flash Sales Platform

NeWants, a decentralized e-Commerce startup, offers tech, home and lifestyle products at up to a 95% discount through a socially driven gamified flash sales page. By leveraging the social media accounts of its buyers, affiliates and influencers as a shared resource, NeWants offers retailers an alternative to traditional, expensive marketing efforts. NeWants already has partnered with online fashion retailer Bluefly to offer interactive limited-availability products.

The company’s affiliate program includes an interactive flash sales page, and it gives retailers the ability to virally share unique links and encourage others to enjoy the once-a-day gamified experience. This flash sales page requires shoppers to share the page in order to receive three chances for a higher discounted savings rate.

NeWants offers a limited amount of newly designed and discounted products each day, pre-sold through the flash sales page. NeWants is not demand-based, but instead offers discounts based on a crowdsourced blockchain-based model. This model enables customers to become investors, by funding a retailer’s latest manufactured products and sharing profit once the product sells. 

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