Linkable Networks Releases SKU-Level Card-Linked Offers

Best-in-class retailers are delivering a more seamless deal collection and redemption process with card-linked offers, which replace standard coupons and printed vouchers with automatic, digital savings linked to shoppers’ credit and debit cards. Until recently, these discount offers were broad-based, such as dollars-off a total purchase.

Linkable Networks’ new MyLinkables capability now allows retailers to target and link SKU-level offers to consumers’ credit/debit cards, and engage shoppers in a more direct and efficient manner. 

Among the benefits, consumers save on top brands and retailers throughout the country, from restaurants and specialty retail to convenience and grocery stores, and can view link-enabled ads across a variety of media properties while browsing online.


Linkable Networks’ SKU-level deals offer several merchants benefits, including:

1.    Advertising attribution: Retailers can utilize linkable offers to track the true effectiveness of marketing efforts across media channels, including online, mobile TV, radio and print advertising. Linkable Networks monitors the offers linked to consumers’ credit and debit cards, and reports to retailers when those offers are redeemed at brick-and-mortar locations.

2.    Shopper loyalty: MyLinkables is designed to allow retailers to distribute linkable offers based on shoppers’ purchase histories. As a result, consumers are rewarded for frequent purchases and overall loyalty to a specific merchant.

3.    Marketing dollar savings: When retailers become “link-enabled,” the SKU-level offers are marketed directly to consumers from brand vendors, allowing retailers to save on co-op and trade dollars.

Banks also benefit from the solution by enhancing a card’s value among consumers, and replacing revenues lost to recent Federal regulations, stated Doug Spear, Executive VP of Linkable Networks. In addition, merchants and manufacturers gain more effective methods for promotions, he said. “Consumers are reacting positively to our new approach to accessing, storing and redeeming coupons,” reported Spear. He said that being able to save on products with a simple swipe of a card benefits all partners ― the consumers, banks, advertisers and merchants.

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