Jetlore Launches Platform That Leverages Content To Build ‘Relationship Commerce’

Jetlore Launches Platform That Leverages Content To Build ‘Relationship Commerce’

Jetlore has delivered a technology solution designed to enable retailers to use content to open up a continuous dialogue with consumers throughout their shopping journeys.

The solution is designed to build out “Relationship Commerce,” which Jetlore defines as “continuously engaging with customers and providing fresh, relevant experiences for every touch over the course of a relationship.”

Jetlore’s adaptive ranking technology selects content for each experience within the relationship using three core processes:

• Content ranking;

• Cohesive experience design; and

• Adaptation of the next experience.

The platform uses behavioral, contextual, user contributed and product performance information to rank relevant content that can personalize individual customer experiences and make them relevant within emails, the web site and mobile apps.

The Jetlore solution seeks to blend products, promotions, catalog slices and editorial content, all within one cohesive experience. For each experience, Jetlore listens to the consumer’s response, learns and adapts the next experience.

“Jetlore allows Dafiti to personalize the product content of our emails for each individual customer,” said Romulo Zarelli Costacurta, CRM Head at Dafiti. “Since Dafiti has customers with different interests and behaviors, with Jetlore we are sure that we will show products that meet their changing needs and desires.”

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