Interactions Unveils Voice Biometrics Service

Interactions has released its Voice Biometrics service as an extension of the company’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant solution. Voice Biometrics is designed to enable businesses to eliminate the need for cumbersome passwords and PINs.

Whether customers are in-store, online or on their mobile device, Interactions self-service solutions can help guide them, answer questions and complete transactions. The self-service solutions can:

  • Answer product or service questions;

  • Provide details on promotions and special offers; and


  • Intake and process orders and payments.


The service integrates with Intelligent Virtual Assistant, and can verify a customer’s identity (Verification) or identify a speaker from a known group of people (Identification) using the unique characteristics of each human voice, providing a secure authentication layer for account access.

Voice Biometrics leverages multi-factor authentication and can adapt to the customer’s biometric signature, making security and the authentication experience a top priority.

The service can lower costs by reducing the Average Handle Time for live agents by 30+ seconds per call on average. It also delivers a secure, complete customer care solution that requires just seconds to enroll and authenticate callers.

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