Helpshift Launches SensAI Customer Service Platform

Helpshift Launches SensAI Customer Service Platform

Helpshift, a customer service platform, has released SensAI. SensAI uses AI to automate the customer service experience and enable brands to deliver personalized messaging-based support to their customers at scale. These messages are designed to make service interactions more human, while reducing time to resolution, optimizing operations, lowering overhead in the contact center and improving day-to-day life for agents.

The platform has three main components:

  • Bots designed toallow brands to automate the simpler customer service interactions, freeing up agents for higher-level tasks. Routine, time-consuming inquiries can now be fully automated or seamlessly handed off to humans when necessary;
  • Real-time classification and routing that automatically classifies issues and routes them accordingly, eliminating overhead associated with call center operations and bringing order to complex ticketing workflows; and
  • Insights designed to address support issues before they occur — such as impending stock shortages or defects — and mitigate or eliminate the business impact.

Companies such as Xfinity Home, Microsoft, Virgin Media, Zynga and Viacom use the Helpshift platform to provide messaging-first customer support.

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