Geoblink Unveils Location Intelligence Platform

Geoblink Unveils Location Intelligence Platform

Geoblink offers a geospatial business intelligence platform aimed at businesses heavily dependent on location data. The platform is designed to help retailers find new stores for openings, analyzing their store portfolio and store surroundings and making forecasts on their sales.

The application is related to a heavy database that provides information on:

  • Sociodemographic data;

  • Socioeconomic data;

  • Commercial transactions; and

  • Traffic (pedestrian and by car) volumes.


With Geoblink, retailers can make more objective decisions when it comes to expansion, without having to focus on locations that might be unprofitable. In leveraging the location data, retailers can bolster their product mix to fit the area, and can create tailored marketing campaigns.

Retailers also can track the performance KPIs of their network with personalized dashboards to identify best and worst performers and deep dive into root causes. Additionally, they can get to know who lives around their stores, analyze where customers are coming from, and understand their spending patterns.


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