FootClicks Offers Proximity Marketing Solutions Through Mobile Devices

SS Footclicks ImageAlthough consumers have access to more shopping channels than ever before, the brick-and-mortar store provides emotional engagement that, to some, is unparalleled. To make the in-store shopping experience even more compelling, retailers can leverage proximity marketing solutions.

FootClicks is an indoor location platform designed to help retailers engage and influence shoppers through their smartphones. The platform’s Sensor Fusion technology is embedded into a retailer’s app, and uses multiple sensor readings from shoppers’ smartphones to calculate position and movement. Although there is no need for additional hardware, FootClicks is designed to integrate with beacons and other in-store technology.

The platform collects continuous feedback during each consumer’s shopping experience, and is designed to deliver contextual messages at precise moments. Messages can be triggered based on a shopper’s location, movement, dwell time and even the weather.


The technology configures to a store’s actual category layout, including irregular shapes, and then logs each customer’s unique browsing and buying journey, including categories shopped. After collecting this detailed data, retailers can generate thorough reports and deliver them to executives at all levels— from senior management to buyers and store managers.

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