RSS Launches Natural Sounding, Contextually Driven Adbots has introduced a native conversational marketing platform. The software supports in-context, conversational ads, and the platform’s promotions are designed to deliver relevant messages to users that feel like recommendations from a friend.

The solution lets retailers deliver promotions in contexts designed to maximize conversions. For example, if someone asks a chatbot about the weather next week, it makes sense to serve an ad for an umbrella alongside a forecast for rain. enables chatbots to process a wide variety of context clues to enable these interactions across multiple topics.

ADVERTISEMENT operates across a network of 1,700+ third-party chatbots and conversational applications. The company recently secured a $2 million seed round led by Birchmere Venture, with participation from Strawberry Creek Ventures, Inspiration Ventures and Berkeley SkyDeck.

AI-powered chatbots are becoming more prevalent in retail. More than 35 million American have used voice-activated personal assistants at least once, while 22% do so frequently, according to eMarketer.

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