Evergage Launches SmartSurveys Solution

  • Written by  Klaudia Tirico

Customer data platform (CDP) provider Evergage has launched SmartSurveys, a Voice of the Customer (VoC) solution designed to enable brands to create and deliver targeted surveys. Via SmartSurveys, companies can ask timely and relevant questions that are tailored to each customer, and then use the response data to affect and improve the customer’s experience.

With the SmartSurveys platform, companies can:

  • Employ a wide range of question types and response formats, including radio buttons, checkboxes, Boolean, drop-down lists, text fields, ratings, images and more;
  • Act on response data immediately, for example, serving up rule-based or algorithmic personalized experiences, or triggering a follow-up survey or message on a web site, mobile app or email;
  • Deliver surveys across channels, including web sites, web and mobile apps and email campaigns;
  • Access real-time reporting for active surveys, including number of respondents per question and tallies for each question asked;
  • Ask a series of timely questions over the course of several visitor interactions, rather than presenting a long survey on a customer’s first visit; and
  • Brand their surveys by customizing them to match corporate design and branding guidelines.


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