Endear Helps Associates Connect With Shoppers

Endear Helps Associates Connect With Shoppers

Endear, an omnichannel CRM and clienteling app, helps retailers empower in-store associates by giving them access to customer profiles, including purchase history, notes and other relevant information. The messaging system also lets associates stay in touch with shoppers after they have left the store.

The tool is designed for user friendliness, helping associates quickly access customer profiles to build one-on-one relations or make recommendations based on previous purchases. The software generates a unified customer profile across channels, and lets both retailers and their associates create unique segments of customers based on stats like total spend, products purchased and store locations.

The messaging side of the app supports both individual and mass email and text send-outs, allowing retailers to take the optimal approach for any given outreach. The ultimate goal is to drive an omnichannel relationship between the retailer and shopper that doesn’t end with the trip, but keeps the store top of mind even between purchases.

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