Edgecase Launches Product Intelligence Platform To Streamline Search

Edgecase Launches Product Intelligence Platform To Streamline Search

Edgecase has released the Product Intelligence Platform, designed to create and optimize product data for e-Commerce performance so that retailers across numerous verticals can improve their top-line metrics.

The platform consists of two products, Edgecase Enrich and Edgecase Insights, and empowers retailers with enriched product data and insights to improve online product findability and relevancy.

The creation and maintenance of quality product attribute data is a challenge for most retailers. The Edgecase Product Intelligence Platform helps retailers keep pace with constantly changing shopper language and sentiment, as well as continuously evolving product assortments.

By managing product attribution through a purpose-built platform, Edgecase can deliver structured product data at a massive scale. Through the platform, Edgecase:

  • Aims to solves the "hidden inventory" problem by ensuring products are attributed completely and correctly;

  • Tags products with the words people use to find them, in a move designed to improve merchant vs. shopper communication;

  • Unlocks buried product content to drive structured product discovery; and

  • Provides the technology that enables retailers to keep pace with rapidly changing products, strategies and customer sentiment.

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