CallMiner Updates Speech Analytics Platform For Call Centers

CallMiner has upgraded its real-time speech analytics module, Eureka Alert. It is now designed to support 10X the capacity of the previous version and integrate with existing agent desktops and workflows. Eureka Alert now enables users to monitor hundreds of thousands of agents concurrently. 

Eureka Alert combines AI-driven automated transcription, redaction and alerting to provide real-time direction to contact center agents and supervisors. With these capabilities, users can drive specific outcomes within a call as it is occurring, or alert management of critical risk or customer experience issues.

The platform monitors the full transcription and uses contextual memory to consider the overall progression of a call based on user-defined trigger events, reducing the number of false positives managers need to deal with.


Additional features of the Alert module include:

  • Real-time streaming transcription with speaker separation;
  • Automated redaction for PCI security;
  • Real-time alerting based on user-defined keywords, phrases or acoustic measures;
  • AI-driven next best action guidance and supervisor notifications;
  • API access to alerts for integration into existing applications and workflows;
  • Real-time view of alerts in the Eureka Coach interface; and
  • Full integration with Eureka Analyze post-call analytics.

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