Bluecore Launches Platform Designed To Create Consistent Email-To-Site Experiences

Bluecore, a retail marketing provider specializing in performance-driven email, has introduced the Bluecore Site e-Commerce platform. The software can help retailers attract new customers to their email lists and ensure that email promotions match the web site experience.

The tool leverages knowledge of individual shoppers, their engagement with specific products and real-time visibility into the products themselves to help retailers bridge the gap between email and web offerings. Specific capabilities include:

  • Capturing shoppers’ email addresses without discounts: Bluecore’s software autonomously determines the most relevant incentive to provide each customer, giving them incentives to sign up for emails without necessarily offering discounts;
  • Creating continuity between discounts in emails and online stores: Ensures that the promotions offered in emails match the deals that can be found on the site;
  • Matching personalized recommendations in emails and on the site: When shoppers click through a retailer’s email to their site, they’ll be shown the same personalized product recommendations they saw in their emails; and
  • Personalizing all communications: Bluecore Site recognizes individual shoppers and can autonomously apply the insights it gains to personalize all email communications.


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