AVARI Personalizes Email Marketing With Next Best Content

Given the flood of emails individual consumers receive every day, retailers need to find a way to personalize their content and offers to the appropriate audience.

To give a personalized feel to emails, Avari has launched a predictive content marketing solution, Next Best Content, designed to recommend relevant content to every individual email recipient. With the solution, content marketers and brand publishers can automatically inject relevant marketing materials — such as articles, data sheets, decks, guides, infographics, images and videos — into any email campaign.

The solution includes plug and play campaign blocks that can be added to mobile campaign layouts, to upgrade emails for marketing, sales and transactions.


Recommendations are based on both explicit and implicit web site visitor behavioral data and are designed to gain a more nuanced understanding of individual interest and intent. In addition, a feedback loop allows the predictive model to learn from engagement with the email content and automatically optimize new recommendations in real time.

Retailers can integrate with the AVARI solution by pasting a short code snippet in the header of their web site for visitor behavior mapping.

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