AUGMENTes Develops AR-Based Apps For Virtual Product Viewing, Customization

  • Written by  Glenn Taylor
AUGMENTes Develops AR-Based Apps For Virtual Product Viewing, Customization

AUGMENTes, a provider of comprehensive digital shopping solutions, offers customized augmented reality (AR) commerce mobile applications designed to enable retailers and manufacturers to enable their customers to:

  • Virtually try products on themselves or in their own environment;
  • Customize products and see the changes in real time;
  • Record their AR experience with the products through pictures and video;
  • Share their experience through any social media with a transactional link attached; and
  • Place orders.

The apps includes AR scanning, which enables customers to scan and recognize objects or their environment, identify them and show any relevant information a retailer wants to convey.

Additionally, shoppers can browse a digital copy of a printed product catalog interactively, view products in 3D, access complete information (availability, price, reviews, tutorials, promotions, videos, etc.) updated in real time and purchase them directly.

AUGMENTes also offers a turnkey omnichannel shopping platform that includes one dashboard designed to manage all sales channels: online, in-store, social and print media for inventory, promotion, order and fulfillment.

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