1010data Unveils Latest Enhancements To Consumer Insights Platform

1010data Unveils Latest Enhancements To Consumer Insights Platform

1010data has released Consumer Insights Platform (CIP) 3.0, a collaboration solution designed to enable retailers and their suppliers to gain insight into the performance of key categories and products with SKU-level precision.

CIP 3.0 includes numerous enhancements that build on previous iterations of the platform, such as:

  • Advanced Product Visibility (APV), a suite of new reports designed to help identify the root causes of out-of-stocks and item availability challenges at the SKU level. Based on analysis of historical patterns across key metrics, APV’s proprietary algorithms transform an intensely manual process into a data-driven, automated and scalable activity;

  • New Category Manager Dashboard, a top-level view of how a business is performing across multiple metrics. Users across category management, sales, supply chain and marketing can now access key performance highlights and share them with their executive leadership teams;

  • Improved User Interface with Drilling Capabilities, an interactive grid interface that allows users to click through their selections and drill down to the next level of reporting and insights; and

  • Enhanced Visualization, a capability that enables users to turn the output of popular reports into additional charts and graphs of their choice.

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