Vitamin Shoppe Taps Former Family Dollar Exec As COO


Nutritional product retailer Vitamin Shoppe has appointed Jason Reiser as Chief Operating Officer (COO), effective July 11, 2016. Reiser will be responsible for operational execution, encompassing store operations, merchandising and supply chain, and for leading those teams during the company’s reinvention.

“The hiring of Jason continues to strengthen our leadership team and he will be a valuable addition to the already experienced and capable team we have assembled,” said Colin Watts, CEO of the Vitamin Shoppe in a statement. “Jason is joining the Vitamin Shoppe at an exciting time as we continue to move ahead with implementing our strategic plan. His combination of industry, retail, regulatory and customer knowledge uniquely positions Jason to drive the Vitamin Shoppe’s operating priorities.”

Before joining Vitamin Shoppe, Reiser was the Executive VP and CMO of Family Dollar, a branch of Dollar Tree, Inc., and he has more than 30 years of retail management and merchandising experience. Reiser began his retail career as Pharmacy Manager at Walmart and progressed through a series of positions to VP of Merchandising for Health and Family Care at Walmart and Sam’s Club. 




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