MaxMedia's Laura Davis-Taylor Named To Digital Signage Federation Board

1maxmediaMaxMedia, a digital retail experience agency, has announced the appointment of EVP of Customer Experience Laura Davis-Taylor to the Digital Signage Federation (DSF) Board of Directors. Davis-Taylor brings more than two decades of digital experience as an acclaimed author and industry speaker, and will bring a unique perspective on how retailers can more effectively leverage digital signage to enhance the customer experience.

In her new role, Davis-Taylor will help establish a new committee around Content and Experience Design in alignment with her past work and experiences at MaxMedia. She is also tasked with assisting in building a tighter bridge between the DSF and the Path to Purchase Institute, a global association that focuses on the needs of brand manufacturers, retailers and agencies along the path to purchase.

“Too many businesses are still focused on digital signage as hardware and software,” said Davis-Taylor in a statement. “We need to do a better job at establishing a wide-angle lens view, where retail and other businesses see digital signage as part of a greater experience design that not only considers important facets such as screen location and compelling content, but also emerging trends such as IoT and programmatic design. Simply mounting a few screens to a wall does not provide real value. And looking specifically at retail, we need to be more direct than ever that it’s time to use digital signage as part of a broader solution rather than a gizmo in a siloed bubble.”

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