Woolworths Improves Picking Accuracy For Store-Based Fulfillment

Woolworths Improves Picking Accuracy For Store-Based Fulfillment

Woolworths Holdings Limited
, a chain of retail stores based in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, has selected HighJump Retail Advantage to improve picking accuracy and efficiency across its food stores, which act as online fulfillment centers for the retailer.

As its e-Commerce orders increased, Woolworths sought a flexible solution, both to serve more customers and adapt to a continuously evolving business environment.

The HighJump proposed in-store fulfillment system is designed to drive savings by:

  • Improving picking accuracy;
  • Ensuring a consistent brand experience;
  • Offering real-time performance reporting;
  • Minimizing picking errors; and
  • Optimizing labor efficiency.

“HighJump Retail Advantage will help us standardize processes, increase productivity, and improve pick accuracy,” said Zoey Rylands, Head of Selling Operations at Woolworths in a statement. “The increased efficiency will enable us to scale more rapidly across our stores as our e-Commerce operations keep growing. The solution includes valuable reporting tools that will deliver the key metrics management needs to make informed decisions.”

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