Third-Party Apps Slow Down 80% Of Retail Web Sites

While third-party e-Commerce applications are often essential for exceptional online retail experiences, they also can negatively affect site performance, potentially lowering conversion rates. As many as 80% of retail web sites have more than 1,200 “violations” from third-party apps every hour, according to a study from Yottaa.

These violations occur when applications take an extended time to load, are very large in size, fail to load or block an entire page from loading completely. The biggest impact is slower site performance, as these statistics reveal:

  • 1.54 million: Average violations per brand site per day;


  • 1,900 minutes: Average time lost per brand site per day;

  • 3.27 seconds: Shopper time lost per page; and

  • 99.4 seconds: Shopper time lost per session.

Yottaa evaluated 600+ e-Commerce sites, documenting the number of third-party applications per site, the number of third-party violations per site and the impact that these violations had on both performance and online conversions.

Most e-Commerce sites use multiple third-party applications to provide richer experiences for their shoppers. Yottaa’s analysis revealed some of today’s most popular applications:

  • Advertising technology;

  • Social media;

  • Personalization;

  • Live chat;

  • Recommendation engines; and

  • Shopper reviews and ratings.

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