Nordstrom Streamlines Collaborative Assortment Planning

Nordstrom Streamlines Collaborative Assortment Planning

Nordstrom has implemented the NuORDER assortment planning platform for wholesale buying and assortment selection of its supplier brands.

The retailer is seeking to streamline its buying process, enabling collaboration, assortment selection and enhanced visibility into products for both Nordstrom and its suppliers.

The cloud-based platform also will help supplier brands improve their market to order process by reducing manual tasks. Brands can utilize the NuORDER visual merchandising tool to digitally showcase their products and personalize their presentations to Nordstrom buyers by promoting themes, products and collections.

NuORDER currently works with brands including Coach, ASICS, Lacoste, Levi’s, Shiseido and Theory, many of which also work with Nordstrom.

Additionally, Nordstrom buyers will be able to view merchandise for the upcoming season, enabling them to identify gaps or opportunities across their available spend and helping the retailer curate a wide range of products.

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