Home Depot, Sam’s Club Pilot Store Displays Offering Online-Style Experience

The Converge retail display system is designed to emulate the way a consumer would typically research products online, bringing that experience to the aisle of a retail store. The platform features a tablet set into a secure enclosure and locked into a rail system in front of product displays or shelves. When the tablet’s camera aligns with a product or product photo, it automatically displays content specific to the item that is curated specifically for the in-store shopping experience. The system is being pilot tested in a number of retail outlets, including the flagship stores of Home Depot and Sam’s Club.

Through the Converge platform from June20, shoppers can choose to transfer information about a product wirelessly from the tablet to their personal mobile devices while they are in the store. Once that transfer has been made, customers are connected directly to the retailer’s web site and they can complete the purchase or buy the product online at a later time. The retailer now has a direct channel to begin and nurture a relationship with each customer.

The platform provides retailers with data and analytics that go down to the individual SKU level, as well as content and customer relationship management tools. 


Both Home Depot and Sam’s Club are using the displays in the department where they sell Internet-connected smart devices for the home. In Home Depot’s Smart Home section, eight tablets interface with 50 products on display. At Sam’s Club, where the display features six products, sales increased 350% in the first three months, according to June20.

The tablets display the types of content shoppers are accustomed to accessing online, including reviews, product comparisons, specifications, instructions and video demonstrations. The retailer can use the CMS that is integrated with the Converge platform to show consumers products they carry online but do not stock in stores, or to make related product suggestions.

The rail system can be configured in a variety of ways. For example, the tablet can glide along rails in front of products on a table or shelf, or be placed in front of product photos and descriptions on a point-of-purchase display.

“Today’s savvy consumer is demanding rich digital content, deeper product information and the ability to compare products, whether online or in a store,” said Paul Chapuis, Founder and CEO of June20 in a statement. 

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