American Greetings Launching 360-Degree Card Previews Online

American Greetings has partnered with Cappasity, a 3D technology startup, to replicate the in-store experience on its e-Commerce site. Shoppers will be able to browse cards with a 360-degree view, letting them see the contents both inside and out.

Cappasity lets retailers create and upload hundreds or thousands of 3D product images per day, simplifying a process that previously took days or hours. The resulting files are smaller, which allows the previews to run, load and browse 4X faster than other similar technologies, according to the company.


The solution will help American Greetings display the effects of glitter, foil and embossing on its high-end cards. These features can be difficult to discern in traditional, flat photography, so shoppers will get a better idea of what their purchase looks like.

“We are still creating the 3D images of our cards, so we haven’t completed consumer feedback studies specifically related to this feature yet,” said Rob Matousek, General Manager – Direct to Consumer eCommerce at American Greetings in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “We anticipate that consumers will appreciate the ability to rotate the card, see the features like glitter and foil, as well as reading the inside verse without clicking onto a separate image.”



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