New SDL Survey Reveals Global Mobile And Social Consumer Preferences

Consumers’ browsing and buying strategies are extending across digital and physical channels. As a result, shoppers are demanding seamless and consistent brand experiences, regardless of the technologies and touch points they are using, according to new research from SDL.

In the report, titled: The New Disruption for Brands: A Global Look at Consumer, Mobile and Social Habits, SDL indicated that 69% of consumers expect all brand channels, including e-Commerce, mobile apps and physical stores, to offer consistent pricing, discounts and sales. These results “confirm that consumers function seamlessly across channels when interacting with brands,” according to the report, and “part of their experience is an expectation of consistency and value.”

The SDL survey of more than 4,000 consumers in Australia, Singapore, the UK and U.S. spotlighted a variety of cross-channel shopping preferences. For example, showrooming is thriving worldwide: 77% of consumers said they visit a physical store to evaluate products then purchase them online. Additionally, 62% of respondents said they use a mobile device while in a retailer’s physical location to compare products and prices.


Regarding social media trends and behaviors, 58% of consumers said they seek advice from friends and family regarding brands, and share positive experiences. Conversely, when consumers share negative experiences, 55% said they leverage Facebook to do so.

Surprisingly, very few retailers currently provide consistent and compelling experiences via mobile and social, according to Bob Hale, CEO of SDL Campaign Management & Analytics.

“We are at the start of a new movement, one that meets consumers where they are — regardless of where you are,” Hale stated in the report. “There are real costs associated with inefficient marketing strategies that fail to recognize this new frontier.” The new frontier, according to Hale, comprises of significant opportunities that mobile and social provide “for brands to truly engage with consumers.”

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