‘Digital Divas’ Represent Exponential Value For Fashion Retailers

Today’s cross-channel shoppers want to engage with their favorite brands and retailers at any time, using any device. This especially is true in the fashion segment, where style-conscious consumers access multiple channels throughout the day to keep abreast of the latest trends and products.

To help retailers better understand these tech-savvy and fashionable consumers, Demandware and the Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing at the University of Arizona partnered to develop a survey of 7,000 consumers in France, Germany, the UK and U.S. Results spotlighted an emerging and profitable customer sub-segment for retailers: Digital Divas.

The report, titled: Who Are Digital Divas And Why Should Retailers Care?, uncovered the demographics and shopping preferences related to Digital Divas, defined as “consumers that are highly engaged with both fashion merchandise and digital technology.”


Digital Divas are brand-conscious, enjoy shopping and are aware of high-value brands, the report indicated. Moreover, they share their brand experiences and regularly introduce friends, family and colleagues to their favorite products. In fact, they are five times more likely than “non-Divas” to influence purchases completed by friends, family and colleagues.

Currently, Digital Divas represent 22% of all fashion shoppers, according to the study, and represent 29% of all fashion spending, making the sub-segment highly valuable to fashion retailers.

“Beyond their frequent shopping trips and purchases, Digital Divas are at the epicenter of a brand’s success,” the report explained, “because the ripple effect of their point-of-views emanates throughout their social networks.”

While shopping, Digital Divas tap into approximately 3.7 technologies, including tablets, smartphones and in-store kiosks. Non-Divas, however, leverage less than one technology during their respective browsing and buying journeys, the survey revealed.

“Retailers can’t ignore the exponential value that Digital Divas represent,” said Rob Garf, VP of Product and Solutions Marketing at Demandware. “To address their needs, it is imperative that retailers establish a digital backbone to enable seamless and consistent experiences for these digitally savvy consumers.”

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