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87% Of Shoppers More Likely To Buy On Associate Recommendation

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Although e-Commerce continues to grow as a retail channel, more than half (58%) of shoppers say online shopping lacks the level of service offered in stores, particularly recommendations and guidance from associates, according to a study from Salesfloor. The ability to make this store experience valuable for the consumer still…

How To Use New Marketing Tools And Analytics To Boost Customer Engagement: #RSP16 On Demand

From creating an "advocate army" to maximizing the benefits of location information, retailers are finding new ways to optimize both internal and external data. Close to 1,000 retail executives joined the #RSP16 Retail Strategy and Planning webinar series last week to tap into the latest tools and trends. Key takeaways included: Cart Abandonment messaging is now the most profitable email strategy; Even though they account for less than 19% of web traffic, "bad" bots are responsible for the majority of web site problems; On average, 50% of a database has opted out or is unreachable; and As many as 40% of merchants not sharing their POS or inventory data with any of their suppliers. To learn more, read the recaps below and view all sessions on demand: Retail Strategy and Planning Series #RSP16.

Finish Line Blends Online And Offline Data To Personalize Emails

Leveraging data from customers' in-store and online activities to create more personalized email communications, Finish Line has expanded its customer base while simultaneously boosting open rates by more than 15%. "We're using as much data as we can to send emails that are as personalized and to the point as we can," said Scott Posilkin, CRM and Retention Digital Email Strategist for the sports and activewear apparel and footwear retailer. The result is that Finish Line is reaching more customers in segments the company is targeting, without suffering reductions in either click-through rates or open rates.

Turkish Retailer Expands Omnichannel Capabilities

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Turkish apparel retailer DeFacto has built a significant physical footprint, with 357 stores in Turkey along with 60 locations in 12 other countries across the EMEA region. Now the brand is stepping up its omnichannel capabilities with the deployment of an order management system from OrderDynamics. DeFacto already is a de…

Discounters Aldi And Lidl Put Big U.S. Brands On Notice

German discount supermarket chains Aldi and Lidl are aiming at U.S. market expansion, a strategy that is keeping top brands such as Walmart, Dollar General and Kroger on watch. But these retailers’ U.S. plans should attract the attention — and perhaps the concern — of all retailers offering both food and general merchandise. In a recent webinar, titled: Preparing for the Rise of U.S. Discounters, Doug Koontz, Head of Content at Retail Net Group (RNG), and David Gordon, Research Director at Planet Retail, discussed the disruptive impact the two chains have had in Europe and what this means for potential competitors in the U.S.

Petco Names New CIO

Pet goods retailer Petco has appointed John Zevada as Senior VP and Chief Information Officer (CIO), and has named William Engen Senior VP of Retail Market Expansion.

Pirch Enhances Showroom Experience With Multi-Function Tablets

Luxury home appliance retailer Pirch has taken customer engagement to a new level by integrating Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablets into the store’s shopper-associate interactions. Pirch has fully deployed the Surface tablets at three of its nine retail locations, but the retailer is currently working with Microsoft on a plan to implement them in all stores “in the near future.” The Pirch team also is currently evaluating the possible implementation of Surface tablets within its distribution centers, which handle Pirch Professional Installation services.

Lowe’s Hires New Business Development Executive

Lowe’s has appointed James K. Han as its new Senior VP of Business Development. In his new role, he will be responsible for accelerating the company’s business development strategy in order to identify and implement growth opportunities, exponential innovation and corporate ventures. Han will report to Chief Development Officer Richard D. Maltsbarger.

#RSP16 Webinar Series Delivers Strategy And Planning Insights

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The #RSP16 Retail Strategy & Planning webinar series offers a concentrated burst of information, insights and best practices for retail decision-makers. Over four days, from Sept. 19-22, Retail TouchPoints will present seven webinars on some of the industry's hottest topics, including: • Using location data to boost business results; • Harnessing distributed analytics to drive revenue, CX and supply chain excellence; • Building an "advocate army"; and • Safeguarding your e-Commerce business from the ravages of data-scraping "bots".

Amazon Books: Why The E-Tail Giant Is Thinking Small

With Amazon recently announcing it will open an Amazon Books store in Chicago, the e-Commerce giant will have four brick-and-mortar stores operating by early 2017. Like any major move Amazon makes, these openings attract intense interest from the rest of the retail industry, with merchants and analysts alike forced to prepare for the brand’s next plan of action. “If I was a retailer and I was paying attention to what Amazon was doing, I’d be very curious as to why they’re taking these steps, and wondering what the processes and rationale behind these looks like,” said Steve Rowen, Managing Partner at RSR Research. “Amazon is opening stores…okay, you have my interest. Taking it a step further, Amazon is opening very small footprint stores that are narrow in the products that they’re selling. The most important part is: why are they choosing this format? It’s not just Amazon; a lot of the retailers that ‘over-retailed the world’ are closing big stores and opening smaller ones in urban settings.”

PacSun Exits Bankruptcy With Most Stores Still Open

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Bucking the trend of retail bankruptcies that result in either total liquidations or severe cutting of stores, Pacific Sunwear of California (PacSun) has emerged from bankruptcy with nearly the same physical footprint as before its April 2016 filing. But that doesn’t mean the mall-based teen retailer is completely unscathed. Hundreds…

Density Unveils Depth-Sensor To Monitor Foot Traffic

Density has released a people-counting sensor designed to track foot traffic and eliminate lines, so retailers, hospitals and office spaces can optimize the usage of their physical locations. The sensors use computer vision, depth-sensing technology and an onboard processor to determine the speed, direction, and movement of a person through an entryway. They are designed to handle complex human behavior including group collisions, bi-directional movement, lines and lingering, and track each person anonymously.
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