Inside The Mind of the Modern Shopper

What do shoppers in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago have in common? They demand seamless shopping experiences, high-quality store service and flexible fulfillment options. To verify and clarify new shopper trends, Retail TouchPoints and Aptos took to the streets to survey 100 shoppers in each city. The resulting report uncovers consumers' expectations, preferences and behaviors, including:

Has Social Commerce Reached A Tipping Point?

For nearly a decade, retailers have been trying to crack the social code. During the first few years, it all seemed so simple: more Facebook “likes” equaled more engaged customers. However, merchants soon realized that Facebook “likes” didn’t always lead to customer love and loyalty, and the number of Twitter followers didn’t necessarily improve bottom-line results. Evidently back to square one, the retail industry has spent the last few years trying to determine how content can engage shoppers and drive them to e-Commerce sites as well as brick-and-mortar stores.

What's Important To Retailers In The Omni-Channel Age

As many as 72% of retailers agree that is it important that store employees possess the same or better technology and information as consumers (ranking 8,9 or 10 out of 10). To meet the challenge of this imperative, retail organizations must invest in the technology solutions that will help deliver real-time information to associates while they are interacting with customers.
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