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Avery Dennison Releases IoT-Enabling Smart Products Platform

Packaging materials and solutions provider Avery Dennison has released the Janela Smart Products Platform, a digital enablement window designed to connect footwear and apparel products to an IoT “software brain” that creates product experiences when users connect using a smartphone. Over the course of three years, Avery Dennison will digitize a minimum of 10 billion apparel and footwear products from fashion, performance and footwear brands, giving them unique, item-level digital identities before shipping globally.

Optimove Launches Customer Journey Marketing Plan For Shopper-Centric Businesses

Optimove, a customer retention platform provider, has launched its Customer Journey Marketing Plan, a tool designed to help customer-centric businesses visualize, manage and optimize customer conversions according to “infinite customer journeys.” The solution supports customer journeys through an interactive interface that closely resembles a terrain-based map. This new interpretation is designed to provide more accurate customer coverage with greater flexibility and adaptability.

Voxox ‘Cloud Phone’ Simulates Big-Business Telephony Experience For SMBs

Voxox has launched a mobile app for Android and iOS known as Cloud Phone, which is designed to turn a business' collection of iPhone and Android devices into a multi-location, multi-employee business telephony system. The app serves as a complement to the mobile software provider’s existing Cloud Phone web service. The service can enable small retail businesses operating without a physical office to create a professional phone presence for their customer support and sales efforts, even if these team members work from home.

Magento Launches Enterprise Cloud Digital Commerce Platform

Magento Commerce has unveiled its Enterprise Cloud Edition Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for its flagship Magento 2.0 digital commerce solution. Run on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, the Magento Enterprise Cloud is built to power e-Commerce experiences with rapid deployment of fully customizable, secure and scalable Web storefronts. The Enterprise solution is designed to enable retailers to offer:

TeleSign Behavior ID Biometric Analysis Designed To Combat Fraud

Mobile identity solutions provider TeleSign has launched TeleSign Behavior ID, a software development kit that enables web and mobile applications to measure and analyze a user’s behavioral biometrics in order to provide an additional round of authentication. Behavior ID is designed to analyze user data even after a person has been verified with traditional security measures such as passwords. The solution can help prevent account takeover attempts on retail sites even if a hacker has a user's correct account credentials.

Tyco Introduces Source Tagging Program To Protect Store Merchandise

Tyco Retail Solutions has debuted its Source Tagging as a Service (STaaS) merchandise protection program, designed to maximize the value of retail source tagging initiatives. Since retailers have limited time and staff to manage an electronic article surveillance (EAS) program, they can instead rely on the platform to oversee their programs to help increase sales, solve inventory shrink issues and optimize store labor.

SmartCommerce Empowers One-Click Purchasing, Product Visibility For CPG Brands

SmartCommerce has launched an integrated suite designed to empower brands to own and drive their customer experience, from discovery through purchase. The commerce suite includes two solutions: SmartLink and SmartCart. SmartLink is a dynamic product asset library designed to monitor product information across all digital touch points in one location. The solution enables brands to:

Thanx Packages Loyalty And Retention Tools In Branded Mobile App

Thanx has released its Branded App, designed to provide multi-location merchants with a complete suite of mobile and retention marketing tools. Retailers using the offering can work with Thanx developers to fully customize the app, to present their own brand experience to the consumer. Retailers can implement and tailor features such as ordering, customizable rewards and VIP treatment.

LXRPlugin Brings Smart Analysis To Google AdWords Search Engine Reporting

Search marketing agency NetElixir has launched its AdWords analysis and reporting dashboard LXRPlugin, a platform designed to provide insights to businesses managing search campaigns while saving time and costs. LXRPlugin can generate Google campaign reports as well as more than 20 analytics reports, and can detail steps needed to enhance campaign performance. The plug-in tool enables users to pull the report data directly from Google AdWords into their Excel templates.

Ecomdash Order Management Software Streamlines Fulfillment Across All Channels

Ecomdash, an inventory and order management application provider, delivers software for e-Commerce business owners designed to streamline their online business, allowing them to focus on expanding new sales channels. With the software handling the fulfillment side of the businesses, merchants don’t have to log in to multiple marketplaces and shopping carts to sync inventory across marketplaces, or to print shipping labels.

TouchCommerce Rolls Out SMS Messaging

TouchCommerce has released TouchSMS, a solution leveraging native text messaging (SMS) capabilities to engage consumers in a personalized, two-way brand interaction with a live retail representative. With TouchSMS, enterprises have the opportunity to offer customers a way to hold time- and location-sensitive conversations with the brand using two-way text messaging. Additionally, the solution enables brands to add personalized engagement options for consumers who may have a slow or limited Internet connection, for example at airports and convention centers or while traveling abroad.

Prelert Machine Learning Analytics Detects Incidents And Trends In Real Time

With retailers facing difficulties monitoring high volumes of data and identifying trends in real time, Prelert launched the Retail Order Analytics solution, which focuses on providing merchants with machine learning behavioral analytics capabilities. The solution is designed to assist digital and multichannel retailers in identifying technical and operational issues in real time in order to stem losses and protect revenue streams. Retailers can apply the solution to analyze real-time transaction metrics such as: Orders per minute; Carts created per minute; Invoices per hour; and Deposits per hour, so that revenue-impacting events can be found and fixed quickly.

Needle Marketing Cloud Builds Brand Advocacy Among Customers

Needle has released its Advocate Marketing Cloud, a suite designed to assist marketers and e-Commerce professionals generate traffic, improve the online shopping experiences and drive sales. With the cloud solution, retailers can activate passionate customers as brand advocates to create a more personal experience. Features of the Advocate Marketing Cloud include:

Impact Power Technologies Batteries Minimize Device Downtime

Impact Power Technologies (IPT) has manufactured a series of batteries designed to help retail businesses save money on power, and prevent mid-shift battery failures that can result in device downtime and unplanned work stoppages. The IPT Productivity+ Series includes: IPT-MC9000-Li; IPT-MC75-Li; IPT-WT4090-Li Standard and Extended Batteries; and IPT-CN50-Li. The Productivity+ Series batteries fit a number of popular retail devices including those made by Motorola, Symbol, Intermec, Honeywell, LXE, Zebra, O’Neil and Vocollect. IPT also manufactures chargers to keep batteries powered and mobile devices running.

ForgeRock Identity Management Gives Consumers Control Over Their Data

ForgeRock has launched the open-source ForgeRock Identity Platform, a solution designed to keep customers’ digital identities consistent regardless of the device or service they use to interact with businesses. With data privacy becoming such a top-of-mind issue in retail, ForgeRock aims to help merchants adapt to evolving customer data regulations. ForgeRock enables businesses to present customers with options to proactively delegate — and revoke — data access to others. In addition, the solution enables users to: Consent or deny requested data access; Monitor data access they have consented to over time; and Adjust that access upwards and downwards in a conveniently centralized location.
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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.