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Massivit Launches Life-Sized 3D Printer To Create Personalized Displays

Massivit 3D has launched a 3D printing solution designed to create personalized and localized window displays, point-of-purchase (POP) stands, store centerpieces and visual merchandising for retailers. The Massivit 1800 3D Printer can produce larger-than-life high-quality 3D pieces that are designed to enable retailers to differentiate their offer and enhance how they capture and maintain customers’ attention.

Farfetch Unveils Modular ‘Store Of The Future’

Online luxury retailer Farfetch has launched its Store of The Future (SOF) platform, a modular “operating system” for physical retailers. The platform, currently in beta, is designed to tailor technology solutions to each brand, each city and each store, to deliver personalization to customers and empower the store staff. Farfetch has developed a few key applications that drive the platform:

Netsertive Offers MarketWise Solution For Localized Brand Marketing

MarketWise, an intelligence platform designed for brands to analyze local market data and trends, can help them decide how best to support local business partners and to distribute marketing funds more efficiently and with maximum accountability to drive visible results.  The MarketWise location management platform from Netsertive is designed to scale with a brand’s network and deliver effective campaigns even with multiple local business partners. The solution can: Embed brand compliant, mobile- and conversion-optimized landing pages directly on retailers’ web sites, designed to enable seamless execution of local digital marketing campaigns; Leverage collective national brand data to optimize local campaigns and content to deliver a steady stream of new customers; and Manage social media campaigns and provide industry insights for local audience targeting. Other key features include co-op facilitation, mobile targeting, video advertising, call recording and tracking plus marketing asset management. The digital solution can assist sales for local promotions such as holidays, product launches and events.

Listrak Unveils Content Personalization Tool

Listrak has launched Content Personalization — the newest addition to its growing Personalization Suite — which is designed to enable digital marketers to automatically deliver relevant and impactful content directly to the inbox with minimal time and team resources. Targeted to retailers, publishers and content-rich sites with active email programs, Content Personalization allows users to share targeted and personalized content — such as articles, blog posts, videos, recipes, tutorials or offers — based on each subscriber’s individual preferences and online behaviors.

Geoblink Unveils Location Intelligence Platform

Geoblink offers a geospatial business intelligence platform aimed at businesses heavily dependent on location data. The platform is designed to help retailers find new stores for openings, analyzing their store portfolio and store surroundings and making forecasts on their sales. The application is related to a heavy database that provides information on: Sociodemographic data; Socioeconomic data; Commercial transactions; and Traffic (pedestrian and by car) volumes.

Sealed Air Releases Inflatable Packaging Solution

Sealed Air has released the Fill-Air FLOW system, an inflatable packaging solution designed to provide a space-saving, cost-saving and environmentally friendly alternative to the use of polystyrene “peanuts” as cushioning within packing boxes. Available exclusively in the U.S. from distributor Millennium Packaging, the compact Fill-Air FLOW machine mounts to a wall or tabletop and produces 11 high-fill or 20 low-fill inflated plastic bags per minute.

Wayin Unveils App Store To Enhance Digital Campaign Engagement

Wayin has released the Wayin App Store, designed to enable retailers to customize and augment previous marketing campaigns and relaunch them in any geography or digital channel. Additionally, the App Store is designed to maximize the reach of conversion-driven interactive marketing in-store and online, while further enhancing consumer engagement through interactive campaigns.

Monetate Reveals Next-Gen Personalization Engine

Monetate has released the Monetate Intelligent Personalization Engine, a platform designed to help retailers and consumer-facing brands provide individualized experiences. Machine learning models power the Engine, which is designed to:

Infinite Peripherals Releases InfineaIQ For Mobile Peripheral Management

Infinite Peripherals has introduced InfineaIQ, an enterprise-grade Mobile Peripheral Management (MPM) software solution designed to increase efficiency for retail and logistics businesses. The cloud-based solution was created to help enable the management of large enterprise deployments of peripheral devices, delivering end-to-end visibility into supply and delivery processes. Users can centrally track assets such as barcode readers, mobile printers and mobile payment terminals.

BrightEdge Unveils ContentIQ, HyperLocal To Tailor Mobile Search Marketing

BrightEdge has launched two products designed to enable marketers to tackle key obstacles in search marketing: error-free web sites and hyperlocal search results. With ContentIQ and HyperLocal, marketers can engage audiences with mobile-tailored experiences, and drive content strategy to resonate with geo-specific audiences in more than 32,000 U.S. and 36,000 non-U.S. cities.

RELEX Solutions Unveils Planogram Collaboration Portal

RELEX Solutions has launched a planogram collaboration portal for localized in-store planning, stock allocation and planograms. The solution is designed to enable effective collaboration within retail operations and across the supply chain, leading to faster and more informed decision making and increased in-store sales. With the cloud-based solution, head office merchandisers can view and edit planograms simultaneously with other stakeholders, such as vendors and category captains.

Delighted Releases Customer Survey Feedback Platform

The Delighted platform enables companies to gather customer survey feedback from emails, web sites or SMS text messages. Using the Net Promoter System — a single question and an open-ended comment box — the Delighted dashboard is designed to helps companies align customers’ needs with business growth; measure the customer voice over time; and keep customers coming back. It allows brands to track NPS over time to show where there have been improvements or which areas require more focus.

Pointy Uploads Store Product Catalog To Online Database

Pointy has designed an electronic device that plugs into a store’s POS terminal to build an online catalog of a retailer’s in-stock products.When someone scans a product’s barcode, the Pointy box will automatically upload the products onto a “Pointy page” built specifically for the retailer. The platform is designed so that shoppers can look for products with an online search engine to see if they are in stock at a specific store.

Revuze Leverages Machine Learning To Analyze Customer Sentiment

Revuze is an AI solution designed to deliver data-driven insights into customer sentiment and enable retailers to create an agile response to market demands. By combining neural networks and machine learning, the engine trains itself to understand text on any product or service and relevant attributes to deliver immediate, in-depth, ongoing feedback to companies about how their products and services are bought and experienced.

Transpay Provides Alternative For Cross-Border Money Transfers

Transpay is a B2B/B2P (business-to-persons) cross-border payments platform specializing in supplier payouts to emerging and challenging markets. The company’s platform is designed to enable transfers across its global proprietary network for global marketplaces, merchants and resellers, and serve as an alternative to legacy correspondent banking wires, digital wallets and prepaid cards.  For retailers and marketplaces, completing payouts to sellers in emerging markets is rife with challenges, such as high fees from currency exchange and wires, disparate available payment methods and limited visibility into transaction completion.
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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.