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SupplyAI Releases ReturnSense To Detect And Prevent Returns

SupplyAI has released ReturnSense, an Artificial Intelligence-powered application designed to detect and prevent retail returns. Using a proprietary algorithm, ReturnSense is designed to recognize patterns in purchase behavior and predict the likelihood of return on every purchase made, sending a preventative alert to retailers and validating the purchase before the products are shipped. The platform draws insights from 1,000 data variables to make predictions.

Extreme Networks Releases Retail Guest Analytics

Extreme Networks has unveiled the Retail Guest Analytics solution as part of its ExtremeWireless WiNG product portfolio. The customizable platform is designed to enable retailers to better understand shoppers' in-store habits and create personalized offers. The solution scales up to 10 million shoppers to provide retailers with insights into shopper demographics and buying behaviors that can lead to increased revenue per customer, and can also integrate directly with the ExtremeWireless WiNG solutions.

Outward Releases Visual Merchandising Platform

Outward has released a 3D-based visual merchandising platform designed to enable its customers to rapidly create and manage photorealistic, interactive digital experiences, covering a wide range of product categories and across all digital channels.   The platform replaces traditional photography with rapidly produced product imagery that can be highlighted from any angle, in any color or texture, in multiple environments. The Outward team can capture products on the factory floor, at a distribution center or even overseas.

Aspire Systems Launches ‘Phygital’ PRIOS Platform

Aspire Systems has released PRIOS, a solution designed to unify brand experiences across the physical and digital retail spaces. The platform’s goal is to accelerate in-store operations and real-time multichannel sales performance for increased foot traffic and sales conversions. The platform is designed to provide a highly targeted and personalized shopping experience that is unified across various channels and interactions. With PRIOS, retailers can merge Big Data and IoT within a framework that integrates with in-store solutions, pricing engines, mobile commerce, ERP, CRM and other existing solutions.

Hat Tip Helps Retailers Maintain Localized Job Boards

The Hat Tip platform is designed to enable retail, restaurant, hotel and other service companies to list jobs on devices within their store locations and allow job seekers to find them based on location. The platform includes algorithmic technology designed to: Identify jobs posted across the web; Determine which jobs are for service positions in retail, restaurant and hospitality; and Assign exact geolocations for each job.

MotionPoint Releases Localization Platform For Global Retailers

The MotionPoint Globalization Platform is designed to enable retailers to manage web site translation and localization as they enter new markets online. Instead of replacing a web site’s technical infrastructure, MotionPoint technology can complement and extend a web site’s core capabilities by: Leveraging the brand’s primary market web site to optimize the site experience for customers in other markets; Automatically detecting when changes occur on the primary market site; Scaling to support translations for an entire enterprise, delivering translated content for use in local digital marketing, offline documents, in-store signage, mobile apps and more.

Recurly Launches Fraud Management Tool For Subscription Brands

Subscription retail management platform Recurly has unveiled Recurly Fraud Management, a platform designed to provide automated, streamlined tools to lessen the impact of fraudulent transactions. With the platform, subscription retailers can: Eliminate the cost of manual reviews; Minimize chargebacks to protect revenue; Prevent e-Commerce fraud; and Deter the creation of unauthorized accounts.

DynamicAction Adds Affinities Feature To Help Retailers Curb Discounting

DynamicAction has released Affinities capabilities, designed to enable merchandisers to identify multiple product correlations and product trends so they can more accurately predict sales trends and increase basket size and profitability. With this feature, brands can discover which combination of products, promotions and customer profiles most frequently drive purchases, and pinpoint key opportunities to optimize their merchandising strategies.

Doddle Releases Click-And-Collect Software Platform

Doddle has launched Powered by Doddle, a click-and-collect platform designed to include software, training, communications and analytics modules for U.S. retailers. Doddle’s proprietary software supports a set of click-and-collect processes, including the receipt and storage of packages, order fulfillment, the handling of expired packages and paperless returns. The solution enables retailers to become parcel collection points for other retail brands and create new footfall from the orders generated online. Adds Printable Scale Labels, a retailer and manufacturer of blank and custom printed labels, has expanded its product line to include roll labels compatible with weigh scale printers. These labels are designed to provide options for delicatessens, meat shops and grocers to purchase printable roll labels for their scales with no minimum order requirements.

Everseen Uses AI To Detect Non-Scanning Items At Checkout

Everseen has deployed its AI technology within five of the world’s 10 largest retailers, who are using it to detect non-scanning items at checkout in real time. The technology is designed to prevent inventory shrinkage and save costs. The Everseen software integrates with retailers’ existing security cameras and uses AI, deep learning, image processing and real-time video analysis to detect the non-scans. Within three seconds of an incident, Everseen sends an alert, including an image of the non-scanned item, to stores’ security teams via smartwatch, tablet or other mobile device.

Hitachi Releases CRM For Building Product Manufacturers

Hitachi Solutions America has released the latest version of Hitachi CRM for Building Product Manufacturers. The platform is available as a cloud service and works with Microsoft Dynamics 365. The CRM platform is designed to create better visibility into projects and tasks, improve fulfillment with project and job tracking, competitor tracking, and fully integrate with billing and ERP systems.

Zebra Unveils SmartSense For Retail Asset Visibility Platform

Zebra Technologies has released the SmartSense for Retail asset visibility solution, which combines UHF RFID, video and micro-location capabilities to identify and track the journey and location of merchandise, associates and shoppers in a retail store in real time. SmartSense for Retail also includes a dashboard and centralized management console that provides operational data to support greater inventory accuracy, improved omnichannel operations and asset protection across the entire enterprise.

Manthan Releases Updated Retail Analytics Platform

Manthan has unveiled the latest release of its flagship product, Retail Analytics. The release enables omnichannel retailers to leverage analytics to optimize their merchandising, operational and sales strategies across their POS and distribution channels. The new version of Retail Analytics provides retailers with analysis of demand by customer segments, geographies, promotions and events, across all online and offline channels.

Webcollage Opens Content Community For Retailers And Brands

Product content publishing platform Webcollage has unveiled Montage — a community of selected partner brands and retailers that will combine brand-approved product content with new content of users' choice, including: User-generated content and digital assets such as images, videos, interactive tours, comparison charts, 360-degree views and other key product attributes; Influencer content; and Shopper reviews. This combination is delivered within existing content packages to product detail pages on a retailer's site, thus creating a relevant, engaging shopper experience.
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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.