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Qubit Adds Features To Digital Experience Management Program

Qubit has upgraded its Digital Experience Management (DXM) platform to enable businesses to provide consumers with data-driven personalization. New features added to the platform include: Adaptive Targeting; Visitor Cloud Data Exchange (VCDX); Abandonment Recovery; and Customer Preferences. Brand marketers can use the platform to deliver end-to-end customer experiences ranging from data collection through reporting and analysis, all in one integrated workflow, without being stranded in a data silo.

Pitney Bowes Adds Global Trade Solutions Protocols To Remove Uncertainty From Costs

Pitney Bowes has expanded its Global Trade Solutions portal, a set of technological protocols designed to facilitate seamless international trade. Users can access the portal to: Manage Guaranteed Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) shipments; Calculate import duty and taxes; Access resources for country import/export guides; and Look up full digit Harmonized System (HS) commodity codes and restrictions. Because duties, taxes and trade restrictions vary from country to country, merchants need to create a transparent experience, including accurate final costs, for the end customer.

Jetlore Launches Platform That Leverages Content To Build ‘Relationship Commerce’

Jetlore has delivered a technology solution designed to enable retailers to use content to open up a continuous dialogue with consumers throughout their shopping journeys. The solution is designed to build out “Relationship Commerce,” which Jetlore defines as “continuously engaging with customers and providing fresh, relevant experiences for every touch over the course of a relationship.”

Manhattan Associates Scales Up Call Center Customer Service Functionality

Manhattan Associates has enhanced its Omni-Channel Customer Service Solution, providing call center customer service representatives with a single app and interface that can service sales across multiple brands, countries and channels. With call centers now supporting multiple brands across many countries and multiple currencies, customer service reps must navigate different screens and interfaces to deliver seamless experiences, frequently logging in and out of multiple customer service applications.

ProShip Unveils CVP-500 Automated Fulfillment Solution To Optimize Parcel Sizes

ProShip, a Neopost company, has unveiled the CVP-500 automated order packaging solution, designed to build, fill, fold and label individual fit-to-size parcels all in one process. With the CVP-500, fulfillment operations can eliminate unnecessary volume and create the smallest parcel needed at the lowest expense. This packing system uses 2,300 feet of continuous feed corrugated to pack single or multi-item orders with variable dimensions in a custom-fit box.

SCOTTeVEST Unveils Point of Purchase Display With Biometric Scanners

SCOTTeVEST (SeV), a manufacturer and seller of garments designed to hold electronic devices, has released a Point of Purchase (PoP) display that uses personalized videos and biometric scanners to create a guided shopping experience in stores. The PoP detects when a customer approaches the display and activates a video tailored to each store to greet the consumer. The display then uses biometric scanners to estimate the shopper’s correct vest size and guide the shopper through the SeV catalog. If the shopper has any questions, the PoP will open a live video chat with an SeV customer service representative to help guide the purchase.

Pitney Bowes Showcases Enroute SaaS-Based Shipping Platform

Upon acquiring Enroute Systems Corporation in January 2016, Pitney Bowes expanded its global e-Commerce offering by integrating the SaaS-based transportation platform into its suite of solutions. The Enroute multi-carrier shipping solution is designed to help high-volume retailers and online retailers achieve: Faster shipping execution times; Lower shipping costs; Enhanced business intelligence; and Real-time supply chain visibility and tracking.

Graph Unveils Trace Scanner To Monitor Consumer Traffic Outside The Store

Graph, a designer of in-store smart displays, has released Trace, a WiFi and Bluetooth scanner designed to track mobile signals in order to identify how many people are in a certain area. With the scanner, retailers can measure traffic outside of their stores to help identify key turning points in business traffic flow. With this traffic data, retailers can operate their brick-and-mortar store as a “physical web site,” in which every data point collected is similar to a click recorded online.

Pricerazzi Matches Shopper Receipts With Lowest Retail Product Prices

Pricerazzi is a price matching app that tracks prices on recent purchases and provides the materials to claim the maximum amount of savings for each item. Users can take a picture of their receipt and the app will identify the store and the items purchased. The app then determines the specific price match policy and searches online for lower prices.

Avery Dennison Releases IoT-Enabling Smart Products Platform

Packaging materials and solutions provider Avery Dennison has released the Janela Smart Products Platform, a digital enablement window designed to connect footwear and apparel products to an IoT “software brain” that creates product experiences when users connect using a smartphone. Over the course of three years, Avery Dennison will digitize a minimum of 10 billion apparel and footwear products from fashion, performance and footwear brands, giving them unique, item-level digital identities before shipping globally.

Optimove Launches Customer Journey Marketing Plan For Shopper-Centric Businesses

Optimove, a customer retention platform provider, has launched its Customer Journey Marketing Plan, a tool designed to help customer-centric businesses visualize, manage and optimize customer conversions according to “infinite customer journeys.” The solution supports customer journeys through an interactive interface that closely resembles a terrain-based map. This new interpretation is designed to provide more accurate customer coverage with greater flexibility and adaptability.

Voxox ‘Cloud Phone’ Simulates Big-Business Telephony Experience For SMBs

Voxox has launched a mobile app for Android and iOS known as Cloud Phone, which is designed to turn a business' collection of iPhone and Android devices into a multi-location, multi-employee business telephony system. The app serves as a complement to the mobile software provider’s existing Cloud Phone web service. The service can enable small retail businesses operating without a physical office to create a professional phone presence for their customer support and sales efforts, even if these team members work from home.

Magento Launches Enterprise Cloud Digital Commerce Platform

Magento Commerce has unveiled its Enterprise Cloud Edition Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for its flagship Magento 2.0 digital commerce solution. Run on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, the Magento Enterprise Cloud is built to power e-Commerce experiences with rapid deployment of fully customizable, secure and scalable Web storefronts. The Enterprise solution is designed to enable retailers to offer:

TeleSign Behavior ID Biometric Analysis Designed To Combat Fraud

Mobile identity solutions provider TeleSign has launched TeleSign Behavior ID, a software development kit that enables web and mobile applications to measure and analyze a user’s behavioral biometrics in order to provide an additional round of authentication. Behavior ID is designed to analyze user data even after a person has been verified with traditional security measures such as passwords. The solution can help prevent account takeover attempts on retail sites even if a hacker has a user's correct account credentials.
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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.