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TouchCommerce TouchAssist Virtual Assistant Leverages Natural Language Technology

TouchCommerce has launched TouchAssist, a customer engagement solution designed to enable brands to offer intelligent automated conversations via a “smart” virtual assistant. TouchAssist leverages Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology from Nuance Communications, which acquired TouchCommerce for $215 million in July 2016. Using TouchAssist, brands and consumers can have conversational, text-based interactions through a blend of automated and live assistance tools, intertwined within a single web or mobile web interface. With the new offering, consumers can escalate from virtual assistant to live agent while maintaining the context of the conversation.

Ugam Extends Brand Intelligence To Help Retailers Optimize Channel Relationships

Ugam has extended its Brand Intelligence platform, a solution designed to assist brands in optimizing their profitability, reputation and channel relationships by providing them with data and insights critical for monitoring their products’ online channel prices, presentation and promotions. The extension builds upon the offering with a suite of new capabilities that retailers can leverage to make intelligent business decisions, including:

Scandit Rolls Out Mobile Data Capture Platform To Simplify App Management

Scandit has launched Scandit Flow, a mobile data capture development platform designed to support a wide variety of barcode-scanning-intensive workflows across the supply chain, including Proof of Delivery, Inventory Management and Asset Management. Flow uses Scandit’s barcode scanning technology, which provides high performance, speed and accuracy in a variety of adverse scanning conditions (e.g. damaged labels, blurry barcodes, glare or low light).

NanoLumens Launches AWARE Integrated Media Display Platform

NanoLumens, a manufacturer of indoor and outdoor LED visualization solutions, has introduced the intelligent display platform NanoLumens AWARE. AWARE is a SaaS-enabled hardware platform designed to seamlessly combine diagnostics and support functions with the ability to choose a variety of third-party apps, services and content sources independent from a single portal.

Tacit Knowledge Unveils Ncommerce Engine To Power Customer-Centric Commerce

Tacit Knowledge, a Newgistics company, has released the ncommerce e-Commerce engine. The technology is designed to combine numerous data-gathering and relationship-building tools in a single platform that fits today’s customer-centric mindset. Ncommerce is built on SAP Hybris e-Commerce software and deployed on the Google Cloud Platform, empowering merchants with advanced omnichannel capabilities running on Google’s infrastructure. The platform integrates technology from customer retention cloud provider Sailthru, integrated payment management platform CyberSource and content delivery network (CDN) Fastly.

Intel Collaborates With Impinj To Combine Sensor Platform and RFID Technology

Intel and Impinj, a manufacturer of RFID devices and software, are teaming up to integrate the Intel Retail Sensor Platform, an inventory management system, into the Impinj RAIN RFID solution. The goal is to assist retailers as they aim to solve operational and business growth bottlenecks. As part of the combined solution, Impinj will brand and sell the Intel Retail Sensor Platform, which integrates with the Impinj ItemSense software. The solution is designed to:

Edgecase Launches Product Intelligence Platform To Streamline Search

Edgecase has released the Product Intelligence Platform, designed to create and optimize product data for e-Commerce performance so that retailers across numerous verticals can improve their top-line metrics. The platform consists of two products, Edgecase Enrich and Edgecase Insights, and empowers retailers with enriched product data and insights to improve online product findability and relevancy.

Fashion Metric Virtual Sizer Collects Data For Apparel Retailers

Fashion Metric has released a solution designed to address the potential inaccuracies and reliability issues that come with online sizing. The Virtual Sizer platform deploys artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to: Predict more than 50 body measurements based on data points consumers are likely to know by heart (e.g. height, weight, bra size, shoe size), rather than requiring users to measure their waist, inseam or neck with a tape measure;

Emarsys Mobile Engage Designed To Optimize Push Notifications, In-App Messaging

Emarsys has released Mobile Engage, the newest solution within the cloud marketing software provider’s mobile suite. With the platform, marketers can create, test and deploy push and in-app messages to iOS and Android devices within cross-channel automation programs, or on-the-fly to the most engaged users. Since engaged retail app users can be expensive to acquire, with retailers spending $2 to $4 for each user, Mobile Engage is designed to drive engagement and loyalty that makes the cost worthwhile.

Mozu Launches B2B-Focused Update To E-Commerce Platform

Mozu has launched a service update to its platform specifically tailored for B2B e-Commerce sellers, designed to help companies accelerate business growth, optimize their bottom line and quickly integrate innovative customer experiences into their sites. The update to the Mozu platform now includes four features designed specifically for B2B merchants:

Bluecore Launches Platform To Personalize Advertising Across Channels

Bluecore has launched Bluecore Ads, an audience segmentation engine that provides marketers with live behavioral data and product catalog changes, helping them deploy advertising and targeting strategies across e-Commerce sites, search engines, emails and social media. The platform creates audiences based on email IDs, enabling marketers to:

IBM Expands Portfolio With Real-Time Personalization And Insights

IBM has expanded its suite of solutions and features to include cognitive technologies designed to enable marketers, merchandisers and e-Commerce professionals to help deliver relevant customer experiences. The offerings will provide users with in-the-moment advice, insights and recommendations to help them make informed decisions at each step in the brand journey.

Amplience Launches Content Authoring Media Production Module

Content-as-a-service platform Amplience has launched its Content Authoring solution, a media delivery module designed to cut digital production time for rich editorial, blogs, look books and shoppable images/videos. With the solution, content teams can ‘Create Once and Publish Everywhere’ (COPE), meaning they can build experiences that work responsively across any device and screen type in one step.
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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.