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Ugam Assortment Intelligence Helps Retailers Make Better Inventory Decisions

SS UgamAI Image 1Shopper preferences and overall demand help retailers determine how to plan their assortment for each store.

Ugam Assortment Intelligence is designed to generate insights for retailers regarding what products to keep, carry and drop based on real-time data collection and analytics. Data available within the solution helps merchandisers identify assortment gaps so they can better differentiate their product offerings. The solution gathers search data, ratings, reviews and social media activity to analyze the competitive landscape and provide retailers with demand trends so they can make optimal assortment decisions.


GoECart 360 Provides A Comprehensive View Of Retail Business Functions

SS GoECart360 Image2Retail businesses today have a myriad of divisions and employees to manage. To remain competitive and constantly evolve with new consumer trends and preferences, organizations must capture a comprehensive view of the business and better manage all internal processes.

GoECart has released GoECart 360, an all-in-one SaaS e-Commerce suite that caters to a variety of business functions including: Enterprise-class order and inventory management; warehouse management; POS and CRM.


Feedzai Brings Fraud Prevention To Shopify And Bigcommerce Platforms

SS site only Feedzai ImageFraud prevention has become a top priority for retailers of all sizes following the breaches of several high-profile organizations such as Home Depot and the U.S. Postal Service. As cybercriminals become more sophisticated, retailers must do whatever they can to protect their businesses and consumers.

Feedzai, a fraud prevention and Big Data solution provider, has released e-Commerce apps for the Shopify and Bigcommerce platforms to help retailers mitigate and prevent fraud. Designed to provide eTailers with information to determine the legitimacy of an order, the apps send notifications when specific transactions are flagged for suspected fraud. Each notification includes a list of reasons to block or allow a transaction, honing in on a variety of factors such as: IP geolocation; device ID recognition and disposable emails. After analyzing these notifications, retailers can determine whether they want to accept or decline a transaction.


Truecount Fingertip RFID Handheld Helps Improve Inventory Visibility

SS Fingertip ImageInventory visibility is vital to any retailer looking to reduce shrinkage, prevent loss and maximize in-store sales. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology empowers store associates to count inventory faster and, in turn, gives retailers a comprehensive, more real-time look at store-level inventory.

Truecount launched the Fingertip RFID enterprise handheld, which is designed to allow associates to locate and count boxes and containers without unpacking and moving them. The cloud-based solution provides retailers with inventory visibility to better prevent out-of-stocks or misplaced merchandise, and only requires Internet connection and a PC-supported web browser to operate.


Zing Register Brings POS To Tablet Devices

SS site only Zing ImageFor the most part, small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) lack the resources and budget to implement the latest, cutting-edge technology. As a result, they’re hindered from successfully keeping pace with their larger counterparts.

To help SMBs create a more compelling customer experience, Zing has released Register, a cloud-based iPad app. The solution is designed to help retailers manage multiple POS functions in one, including account management, payment processing and real-time data analysis. Retailers can install Register into their local system and integrate it with existing POS solutions. Updates, upgrades and backups become Zing's responsibility, freeing up merchants to focus on their core business drivers instead of handling maintenance and operations.


King Solutions Helps Streamline Supply Chain Operations

SS KingSolutions ImageTo ensure success, retailers need to make sure that their supply chains are operating efficiently and can deliver all products to distribution centers and stores quickly and seamlessly.

King Solutions, a transport logistics and fulfillment provider, assists retailers in shipping and moving products, helping them solve complex logistical challenges related to store openings, remodels, fixture distribution rollouts, reverse logistics and store relocations. The company recently launched CoastalPlus, a freight service that delivers throughout the U.S. for less-than truckload shippers based in Minneapolis, Minn. Individual freight unit GPS tracking is available upon request.


Ugam Brand Intelligence Monitors Pricing Across Channels

SS site only Ugam ImageMany retailers have extensive product lines that are available on a variety of e-Commerce sites, marketplaces and comparison shopping engines. Monitoring these different touch points can be difficult, especially because retailers have an extensive amount of product data to handle.

Ugam Brand Intelligence delivers real-time price monitoring capabilities to all retailers, enabling them to collect information on store products across e-Commerce sites. The solution can be used to detect pricing violations at the variant level and identify unauthorized activity.


Bleu Station Starter Kit Provides In-Store Beacon Technology

SS site only BleuStation imageA variety of retailers, such as American Eagle, Apple and Macy’s, are rolling out beacon technology in stores to create one-to-one engagement with consumers through their mobile devices.

With beacon technology, retailers can track customer journeys throughout the store, share more relevant deals and help shoppers find the products they’re seeking. Twocanoes Software is empowering retailers to implement beacons in their stores with the Bleu Station Beacon Starter Kit.


Olerti Helps Retailers Tackle Shopping Cart Abandonment

SS Olerti imageUp to 72% of digital shopping carts are abandoned, according to research from Listrak. A key factor influencing whether shoppers convert or abandon their purchases is price.

Olerti is a cloud-based application designed to re-engage consumers with their shopping carts by allowing them to set price alerts for specific products. If original prices are reduced to shoppers’ initial target, they will receive an SMS or email alert notifying them that the target has been reached. The alert includes a product detail page link to motivate shoppers to complete their transaction.


BrandVerity Monitors Product Listing Ad Performance

SS BrandVerity ImageRetailers use Product Listing Ads (PLAs) to display specific items at the top of a search engine pages. Managing these ads can be a hefty task, especially if the retailer has no way to monitor the success of each one.

BrandVerity has launched an extension to its Paid Search Monitoring service that is designed to monitor and provide users with visibility into PLA performance. Users can track top sellers that appear with a set of keywords, evaluate competition on specific products and monitor searches to see which PLAs are displayed most frequently.


Artifi Simplifies Product Customization For Online Retailers

SS site only Artifi imageRetailers are striving to differentiate their brands by allowing customers to personalize product designs, colors and styles.

Artifi is helping retailers provide more relevant online shopping experiences with its cloud-based, mobile-friendly customization engine. The solution is designed to replace personalization configurators and make product customization more cost-efficient and less time consuming for e-Commerce businesses.


Retailers And Suppliers Optimize Merchandise Planning With Market6 Vantage Suite

SS Vantage image3Retailers and suppliers need to consistently collaborate and share information to drive customer satisfaction, loyalty and sales.

Retail analytics provider Market6 has released Market6 Vantage, a suite of applications designed to automate and simplify joint business planning and retail-supplier collaboration. The suite automates the development and maintenance of joint merchandising plans and enables retailers and suppliers to share information more seamlessly and standardize planning processes.


BoldChat Extends Live Chat To Mobile Devices

SS site only Boldchat imageNow that mobile consumers can access their favorite retailers with just the tap of a screen, they have higher expectations of their shopping experiences. To adhere to these expectations and provide optimal customer support, retailers need to empower shoppers to reach them at any time.

BoldChat, a live chat and multichannel customer engagement offering from LogMeIn, is designed to allow retailers to extend chat capabilities to their mobile web sites and apps.


Affirm Split Pay Allows Online Shoppers To Pay In Monthly Installments

SS Affirm Image 1Shoppers may be hesitant to purchase an expensive item online due to fear of debt and hidden fees and taxes that may result from the transaction.

A new solution from Affirm, called Split Pay, allows consumers to split their online purchases into smaller monthly payments to mitigate the impact of a large transaction. Retailers can offer Split Pay as a payment option on their e-Commerce site.

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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.