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Vertex SMB Introduces Sales And Use Tax Compliance Platform

Vertex SMB has released its sales and use tax connector for QuickBooks. The connector enables the automation of sales and use tax calculations and returns for users of both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. Users also can import sales and use tax data automatically to prepare and file returns.  The cloud-based sales tax solution is designed to save time, effort and risk associated with calculation, return, remittance and compliance for small to medium-sized businesses.

Qubit Unveils Machine Learning Engine To Identify Revenue Opportunities

Qubit has deployed a machine learning engine as part of its digital experience management (DXM) platform. The engine’s “opportunity mining” feature can automatically identify and prioritize customer groups by their largest revenue opportunities, using predictive analytics and cutting-edge unsupervised machine learning methods. With these predictive capabilities, brands can now focus on the segments that warrant the most attention.

Fathom Launches Management Platform For Beacon Ecosystems

Hardware and cloud-based software system Fathom has launched a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) proximity gateway solution designed to bring control, intelligence and context integrity to large networks of proximity beacon and IoT devices. Fathom can help retailers cut costs, streamline operations, improve customer service and support targeted marketing campaigns. The insights derived from Fathom data will improve customer engagement, resource management and real-time analytics.

Optimove Unveils Optibot CRM Machine Learning Platform

Optimove has launched Optibot, a CRM optimization bot that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate the analysis and interpretation of customer marketing campaigns behind the scenes, and recommend actionable marketing insights to help marketers increase campaign performance. Integrated within the Optimove platform, Optibot continuously scans a brand’s customer models and campaign calendar to discover actionable insights hiding in the data that can be used to optimize retailer’s marketing activities.

Ingenico Group Launches Enterprise-Class Mobile POS

Payments platform provider Ingenico Group has launched the iSMP4 Companion, an enterprise-class mobile POS device designed to connect with a tablet or smartphone and accept all payment methods at any time. The iSMP4 Companion accepts payments, including EMV Chip & PIN and Chip & Sign, mag stripe and NFC/contactless.

LOCLYS Unveils Location Analytics Platform With Visualized Maps

LOCLYS has released a location analytics platform designed to help businesses make decisions based on how many potential customers are in a specific geographical area. The platform combines high resolution address databases with population data and calculated drive times to create color-coded maps.

Mantele Releases Location-Based Inventory Search Tool

Mantele has unveiled a location-based search and discovery platform for local store inventories, giving retailers the ability to list their inventory online. Mantele currently searches and provides inventory data for thousands of Walmart locations and other local retail stores registered through the program.  Retailers can register their stores on the Mantele web site for free, so that they can: Build the store page with items in minutes by including item name, type, price, store shelf and description; Increase visibility on search engines; and Make it easy for customers to find the specific aisle and shelf of the requested item.

TalentClick Adds Team Analytics To Assessment Platform

TalentClick has added a Team Analytics functionality to its personality assessment platform to gain a better analysis of the dynamics within a team. Team Analytics is designed to provide users with insights into the inner workings of teams, in order to: Diagnose internal challenges; Identify areas for improvement; and Enhance how team members understand and respect each other’s personalities.

SOTI Releases MobiControl 13.2 For Enterprise Mobility Management

SOTI introduced the newest version of its mobility management platform, MobiControl 13.2. The solution offers users enterprise-ready benefits, including APIs that are designed to empower brands to integrate custom mobile management functions into their business workflows. The enterprise mobile management solution now comes with three new features:

LiveWorld Launches Chatbot Management For Facebook Messenger

LiveWorld has launched chatbot management software for Facebook Messenger, designed to enable chatbots to automatically hand off consumer interactions to live human agents when necessary. Retailers can conduct one-on-one conversations with customers in real time across marketing and customer service, with integration support for CRM and help desk applications.

Worldpay Launches Total Omnichannel Payments Solution

Worldpay US has launched Worldpay Total, an omnichannel payment platform designed to let retailers connect payments across all sales channels through a single integration point. With Worldpay Total, retailers can achieve EMV chip card acceptance in days, while offering developer-friendly integration and delivering improved customer insights, all through its three key products: Worldpay Integrated Payments: A provider for all a retailer’s payments needs, across all sales channels including mPOS, laptop or in-store; Online Merchant Application: An online payment application for retailers to start accepting payments immediately; and Worldpay Virtual Terminal & Recurring Payments (POS): Retailers can recognize and manage their customers’ data across all channels, from contact information to stored payment preferences.

TCS Releases Omnistore Unified POS Platform

Tata Consultancy Services has unveiled the TCS Omnistore POS, a solution designed to create a single point of commerce and deliver a consistent and personalized experience across all customer touch points. Omnistore consolidates all customer order information within a unified repository along with a universal cart to deliver this experience, enabling retailers to: Drive sales by enabling cross-channel business process orchestration. Shoppers can order an online or out-of-stock item, complete the purchase in-store, and have it shipped to their home, and can complete a flexible return irrespective of where the purchase was made; Gain a consolidated view of customers' preferences, loyalty data and purchase history; Boost customer lifetime value through consistent pricing and promotions across in-store and digital channels under the same banner. These brands can deliver an interactive and personalized shopping experience with support for clienteling and queue-busting on the mobile platform; and Maximize returns on existing investments and support customization. By enabling fluid integration with legacy systems through open-architecture standards, the solution prevents retailers from having to take a rip-and-replace approach to IT systems changes.

SLI Systems Releases ESP To Personalize E-Commerce Experience

SLI Systems has launched SLI ESP, a cloud-based personalization software designed to learn and predict which products consumers are most likely to buy. With SLI ESP, retailers can distinguish the interests of the user based on behavior in order to personalize search results and product recommendations, with the goal of increasing:

Panoramic Power Unveils Energy Management Sensors To Aid Retail Sustainability

Panoramic Power has released a device-level energy monitoring solution designed to shine a light on operational inefficiencies by providing visibility into energy consumption and mechanical performance. Panoramic Power offers wireless self-powered sensors that monitor each energy-consuming device within an enterprise, and send energy data from each device to a cloud-based analytics platform, PowerRadar. Lights, registers, HVAC, refrigeration and other assets are tracked, benchmarked and monitored for optimal efficiency.

Engenius Releases DuraFon-UHF-HC Communication Handsets

Engenius Technologies has released the DuraFon-UHF-HC handsets to keep communication open on the sales floor between managers and staff. The handsets are designed to improve on traditional walkie-talkie systems by interacting with both UHF two-way radios and phone users. The handsets offer long-range cordless telephone communications, to make and receive both internal and external calls through a DuraFon PRO Base Unit.
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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.