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CitiXsys Releases Updates To iVend Retail Platforms

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CitiXsys, a provider of in-store and mobile POS solutions, has released the latest updates to its iVend eCommerce and iVend Retail platforms. iVend eCommerce 1.6 includes new features and enhancements including: A mobile responsive skin/user interface; Image hotspots: image tags that link users to product details or to their shopping…

Engage3 And Media Firm McClatchy Launch Digital Personalization Platform

Engage3, a competitive intelligence and consumer engagement platform provider, is collaborating with news media publisher McClatchy to launch a new AI-powered personalization solution. The solution is designed to enable retailers and brands to provide consumers with personalized offers based on their buying intent and past purchasing history. In delivering relevant offers to consumers, retailers and brands can optimize trade and promotion spend.

Two Tap Service Connects U.S. Retailers With Global Consumers

Two Tap has launched Two Tap Crossborder, an automated service designed to enable U.S. retailers to sell products to foreign shoppers more easily. With Two Tap Crossborder, retailers can start selling their products inside any international app or online marketplace. The service is designed to automate the entire purchase process, encompassing inventory management, shipping and customer support processes. International customers can shop on a web site or app using a Buy Button that has Two Tap Crossborder enabled. Customers can see a fully landed cost for their cart, pay in a local currency and have the product delivered to their local address.

ShopAdvisor Unveils Enhancements To Proximity Marketing Platform

ShopAdvisor has added new features to its Product Intelligence, Context Intelligence and Shopper Intelligence modules, as well as its appNET network and retail partner program. The new version of the ShopAdvisor Platform is designed to enable cost-effective development and execution of proximity marketing campaigns, which can deliver personalized shopping experiences that take shoppers from their smartphones into stores to purchase products.

SafetyCulture Releases Audit Inspection App

SafetyCulture has released the iAuditor, a mobile inspection app designed to perform a wide range of inspections and audits, providing brands with real-time visibility into collected data. The SafetyCulture platform enables users to analyze all the information collected from iAuditor so that brands can view trends, exceptions and areas that need follow-up. With the iAuditor app, retailers can: Conduct internal audits, even when out of network coverage range; Preview audit reports within PDF files; Export audit reports to email; and Sync all data with the SafetyCulture platform.

MyThings Enhances MyFunnel With Advanced Programmatic Customization

MyThings, a retargeting and performance display advertising platform, has added advanced customization for programmatic advertising to its myFunnel solution. With myFunnel, myThings provides: Custom segmentation strategy built directly on top of the custom sales funnel, populating segments with the correctly profiled users for a successful retargeting outlook; Audience segment transparency, giving marketers insights about how each audience segment performs within a single campaign, providing deeper visibility and campaign insights. These transparency tools not only can give advertisers greater insights into campaign performance, they can also assure proper attribution and protect advertisers from fraud; Model and bidding optimization per advertiser, to understand the value of each impression opportunity by recognizing where it fits in the funnel. Additionally, the solution's machine-learning models and algorithms optimize the real-time bidding process across all ad exchanges. Custom dynamic creative at each funnel stage that is brand aligned and uses absolutely no templates, for on-point customer messaging; and Per-stage ROI insights and transparent budget allocation, giving advertisers a full performance breakdown of their campaigns and user activity by funnel stages that are themselves completely customizable.

Intilery Unveils Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform

Intilery has launched a customer engagement management platform designed to enable retailers to deliver personalized omnichannel customer experiences. The platform includes a data warehouse that stores real-time first- and third-party data across all marketing channels, efficiently interrogating it to give retailers deep insights into customer behavior.

Unata Unveils Update To eCircular Platform

Unata has unveiled the latest version of its online circular distribution platform, eCircular 2.0. The platform is designed to maintain all of the branding and character of a retailer’s print circular advertisement through adjustable tile sizes and custom imagery. All offer types are interactive so that shoppers can see exactly how much they will save as they build their shopping lists from the weekly ad. Types of content that are typically offered in the print circular that are now offered in eCircular 2.0 include complex promotions, product collections and sponsored placements.

Unbxd Updates E-Commerce Site Search Platform

Product discovery solution Unbxd has launched an update to its Site Search platform, which uses machine learning to assist shoppers as they find products on e-Commerce sites. The Unbxd solution is designed to provide shoppers with a differentiated search experience on mobile, optimizing for multiple factors including diversity and freshness of search results, intelligent visual type-ahead and dynamic mobile filters.

1010data Unveils Latest Enhancements To Consumer Insights Platform

1010data has released Consumer Insights Platform (CIP) 3.0, a collaboration solution designed to enable retailers and their suppliers to gain insight into the performance of key categories and products with SKU-level precision. CIP 3.0 includes numerous enhancements that build on previous iterations of the platform, such as:

Zaelab Releases Magento-To-SAP Hybris Conversion Kit

Zaelab has released a Magento-to-SAP Hybris conversion kit designed specifically for B2C and B2B companies that have outgrown their Magento platform and want to take advantage of the features, functionality, and scalability of SAP Hybris. The conversion kit is a pre-built migration framework that quickly converts business data from the Magento platform to the SAP Hybris platform. Catalogs, products, inventory, categories, customers, orders and other critical data can be migrated swiftly to SAP Hybris.

Catalina Unveils Marketing Investment Planner To Identify Profitable Campaigns

Catalina has launched its Catalina Investment Planner, a planning application designed to enable retailers and CPG brands to build campaigns based on real-time metrics and predicted sales results from various scenarios. The Investment Planner aims to take the guesswork out of campaign design and planning, so brands can focus on growth initiatives with more certainty.

APT Releases Shopper Targeting Module: Test & Learn For Customers

APT has released its Test & Learn for Customers with Enhanced Loyalty, cloud-based software designed to provide organizations with a 360-degree view of customer spending behavior. Test & Learn for Customers can assist targeting decisions across marketing, promotional and operational programs.

Salesfloor Releases Storefront To Localize E-Commerce Shopping For Big Box Brands

Salesfloor, a technology platform designed to enable consumers to shop online with their local store associates, has unveiled its Storefront for Stores platform aimed at big box retailers. With Salesfloor Storefront, big box retailers can create local versions of their e-Commerce web site for each store location. Retailers in categories such as pharmacy, sporting goods, cosmetics, home hardware and consumer electronic stores have used Storefront to personalize the shopping experience for their local customers.

Density Unveils Depth-Sensor To Monitor Foot Traffic

Density has released a people-counting sensor designed to track foot traffic and eliminate lines, so retailers, hospitals and office spaces can optimize the usage of their physical locations. The sensors use computer vision, depth-sensing technology and an onboard processor to determine the speed, direction, and movement of a person through an entryway. They are designed to handle complex human behavior including group collisions, bi-directional movement, lines and lingering, and track each person anonymously.
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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.