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RapidCut Protects Mobile Screens With Made-To-Order Sizing

Clear-Coat, a manufacturer of mobile accessories, has launched RapidCut, an automated mobile screen and body protection system for brick-and-mortar stores. The RapidCut system is designed so that users can immediately cut screen and full body protectors for virtually any type or size of mobile device, on demand.

With new phones and tablets released in stores every week, it can be difficult for retailers to manage their inventory of accessories for them. With RapidCut, retailers don’t have to worry about overstocking specific screens for the mobile devices they carry.


BrightEdge Launches Solutions To Measure Content Effectiveness And Engagement

BrightEdge, a content performance marketing platform, has launched Content Atlas and Intelligent Experiences.

Content Atlas is designed to gives marketers real-time insights on their content’s performance so they can easily tie it back to business results and communicate its impact on the bottom line. The solution tracks content across four phases of the customer journey and measures it against the competition:

  • Awareness;

  • Consideration;

  • Purchase; and

  • Loyalty.

A retailer can go into Content Atlas, customize quarterly revenue goals, and get a full view of the program’s performance. If Content Atlas shows the retailer how they are falling behind competitors, a marketer can see exactly how much revenue they stand to gain if they make up that difference.


SKU IQ Integrates In-Store POS With E-Commerce Site To Optimize Inventory

Boutikka Labs has launched SKU IQ, a retail operating system designed to connect in-store POS systems with e-Commerce sites so that retailers can manage inventory between the online and physical channels.

SKU IQ integrates with various e-Commerce and POS solutions and provides a centralized sales history and cross-channel reporting. Three of its major features are:


Spendsetter Manages Customer Advocate Databases

Building a trusting relationship with the consumer is a chief imperative for retailers to gain loyalty. Spendsetter has released an advocacy marketing platform designed so retailers can build a database of advocates.

These advocates can include passionate fans and consumers of the brand, who will likely know more about the retailer, and speak as well about them, as any employee. The added benefit here is that advocates will likely have closer relationships with consumers than brand employees will.


Zenput Task Management Focuses On Completion Of In-Process Projects

Zenput, a mobile operation management solution, has added task management capabilities that address needed follow-up for finishing incomplete products as part of its offering.

Initially focused on mobile workforce management, the Zenput platform is designed to provide a streamlined approach for franchises, chains and vendors to complete and verify in-store campaigns, ensuring brand equity and consistent customer experiences across all stores.


TouchSocial Fosters Personalized Social Media Engagement Between Brands And Consumers

Mobile chat solution provider TouchCommerce has introduced the TouchSocial personalized engagement experience, enabling shoppers to seamlessly connect with a customer service expert or take advantage of a personalized self-service option via social media.

Retailers can utilize the TouchSocial platform to:

  • Enable consumer sentiment analysis;

  • Allow social media marketers to escalate a conversation to the brand’s customer care department;

  • Resolve issues outside of the social network immediately and in the right context; and

  • Boost customer satisfaction rate and net promoter scores (NPS).


Strap Analyzes Consumer Data To Increase Marketing Campaign Relevance

With personalization a key goal among retailers today, merchants must find out how to gather, understand and leverage consumer data to build out relevant marketing campaigns.

Data analytics platform Strap enables actionable human data to inform and improve marketing and engagement programs. Retailers can use Strap to uncover data that powers email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns and loyalty apps. Upon launching these campaigns, consumers can opt-in via a mobile device and collect potential rewards.


Moki Upgrades Kiosk Software To Include Customer Interaction Tracking

Moki has released the MokiTouch 2 kiosk app, upgrading the initial kiosk's software to include Moki Insights, an analytics feature designed to track customer interaction at both the device and store levels.

MokiTouch 2 is customizable, enabling users to turn a tablet into an interactive kiosk to display or loop video; provide open or restricted Internet browsing; customize colors for branding purposes; and showcase web-based video and image content to engage with customers. Retailers can use the app to tailor mobile digital experiences, digital signage, video kiosks and ‘endless aisle’ shopping devices.


Shopperations Unveils Portal To Streamline Retail And CPG Event Collaboration

Today's retail marketing promotions are complicated and often require massive coordination efforts among many internal departments and numerous external brand partners.

To simplify these processes, Shopperations has unveiled its Retail Co-Op Marketing Collaboration Portal, a software platform designed to bolster marketing event coordination by giving retail marketers and merchandisers tools to manage conversations with CPG vendors. The portal’s added value to retailers includes increased productivity and a transparent, collaborative organizational environment for CPG conversations.


Slyce Launches Snap-To-Coupon Platform For Mobile Devices

Visual search solution provider Slyce has introduced Snap-to-Coupon technology, which is designed to enable consumers to snap a photo of any coupon and generate a mobile-optimized version of it, which can be stored on the retailer’s app. The solution is compatible with coupons from newspapers, catalogs and receipts.

Retailers can use push notifications to remind consumers to use the scanned coupon. These reminders can be automatically triggered based on parameters such as pending coupon expiration dates or when a consumer is near a physical store.

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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.