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Everseen Uses AI To Detect Non-Scanning Items At Checkout

Everseen has deployed its AI technology within five of the world’s 10 largest retailers, who are using it to detect non-scanning items at checkout in real time. The technology is designed to prevent inventory shrinkage and save costs. The Everseen software integrates with retailers’ existing security cameras and uses AI, deep learning, image processing and real-time video analysis to detect the non-scans. Within three seconds of an incident, Everseen sends an alert, including an image of the non-scanned item, to stores’ security teams via smartwatch, tablet or other mobile device.

Hitachi Releases CRM For Building Product Manufacturers

Hitachi Solutions America has released the latest version of Hitachi CRM for Building Product Manufacturers. The platform is available as a cloud service and works with Microsoft Dynamics 365. The CRM platform is designed to create better visibility into projects and tasks, improve fulfillment with project and job tracking, competitor tracking, and fully integrate with billing and ERP systems.

Zebra Unveils SmartSense For Retail Asset Visibility Platform

Zebra Technologies has released the SmartSense for Retail asset visibility solution, which combines UHF RFID, video and micro-location capabilities to identify and track the journey and location of merchandise, associates and shoppers in a retail store in real time. SmartSense for Retail also includes a dashboard and centralized management console that provides operational data to support greater inventory accuracy, improved omnichannel operations and asset protection across the entire enterprise.

Manthan Releases Updated Retail Analytics Platform

Manthan has unveiled the latest release of its flagship product, Retail Analytics. The release enables omnichannel retailers to leverage analytics to optimize their merchandising, operational and sales strategies across their POS and distribution channels. The new version of Retail Analytics provides retailers with analysis of demand by customer segments, geographies, promotions and events, across all online and offline channels.

Webcollage Opens Content Community For Retailers And Brands

Product content publishing platform Webcollage has unveiled Montage — a community of selected partner brands and retailers that will combine brand-approved product content with new content of users' choice, including: User-generated content and digital assets such as images, videos, interactive tours, comparison charts, 360-degree views and other key product attributes; Influencer content; and Shopper reviews. This combination is delivered within existing content packages to product detail pages on a retailer's site, thus creating a relevant, engaging shopper experience.

Sisense Develops BI Platform To Simplify Data Analysis

Sisense was launched in 2010 and offers a business intelligence and data analytics solution used to prepare, analyze and visualize data. This SaaS tool is built on technology that enables organizations to simplify complex data by empowering both business analysts and non-technical users to engage in end-to-end agile analysis of data from any source, with minimal need for IT involvement. Main product features include: Elasticube Manager, a data management platform that enables users to create simple data models while combining data from many disparate sources; Sisense Web Interface, a browser-based platform that lets users visualize and explore data through interactive KPI dashboards; and New beta features that combine elements of IoT, AI and machine learning and are designed to further simplify data analysis and make BI insights even more accessible and agile.

Heymarket Releases Text Messaging App For CRM

Heymarket has released a text messaging app designed for retailers to use as a CRM tool. Retail employees using Heymarket can: Reach multiple customers at once; Schedule messages; Set up appointments; Set reminders to follow up; Reuse messages with templates; and Share customer chats with co-workers. Users can also organize contacts into lists and send personalized messages so that each private recipient can reply directly to the sender. Customers will only see the sender's number and the users have full control over which messages coworkers can see. Users can even keep track of those who viewed photos in a message.

E-Commerce Fashion Brands Team Up To Leverage 3D Photography

Sammydress has teamed up with fellow e-Commerce fashion retailers Zaful and Rosegal to integrate 3D photography into their online offerings. The objective of the joint photography team is to depict the features of their products in the most optimal way, aiding the product selection process for their end users or the buyers.

NGC Software Unveils Advanced Quality Module

NGC Software has introduced the Advanced Quality Module, a tablet-based software application that enables quality control managers to conduct audits at the manufacturing facility. The application can integrate with product lifecycle management and apparel supply chain management solutions. Retailers and brands can use the module to identify problems sooner, fix them at the factory before products ship and improve product quality to reduce the risk of cancellations or chargebacks.

Inkling Releases Mobile Store Ops App

Inkling has launched a store operations app to enable retail managers to digitize paper-based procedures and processes. The app is designed to modernize store operations processes for mobile-ready use, uphold brand standards and provide operational consistency.

Kustomer Debuts Shopper-Centric Support Platform

Kustomer has released a customer-centric support platform designed to unify shopper conversation, e-Commerce transaction data and customer tracking events, all in one interface. Kustomer built the solution specifically to address the problems and frustrations with current customer support software. Customer data is often scattered across multiple applications, making it difficult for the agent to view the customer and potentially causing agent productivity and interaction quality to suffer.

CitiXsys Releases iVend Optical Retail

CitiXsys has unveiled the iVend Optical Retail platform, a solution designed to enable optical retailers to efficiently operate a business that provides vision prescriptions, fashion frames, prescription lenses, contacts and plano (non-prescription) sunglasses. With iVend Optical Retail, retailers can:

Kore Releases Natural Language-Enabled Smart Bot

Kore has unveiled a natural language processing (NLP) enabled platform, Smart Bot for Commerce, designed to help consumers search, check out, manage orders and get support via a conversation at any digital touch point. Retailers can create their own branded, AI-powered chatbot with the platform which can keep pace on the path to purchase and bolster loyalty.

Interactions Unveils Voice Biometrics Service

Interactions has released its Voice Biometrics service as an extension of the company’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant solution. Voice Biometrics is designed to enable businesses to eliminate the need for cumbersome passwords and PINs. Whether customers are in-store, online or on their mobile device, Interactions self-service solutions can help guide them, answer questions and complete transactions. The self-service solutions can: Answer product or service questions; Provide details on promotions and special offers; and Intake and process orders and payments.

UberRetail Uses Mobile Data To Evaluate Potential Store Locations

UberMedia has released UberRetail, a platform designed to help retailers, restaurants and developers identify and evaluate new storefront opportunities via real-world behaviors of local consumers.  UberRetail uses mobile device location data to identify regional foot traffic patterns, popular paths-to-purchase and customer density.
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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.