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RevTrax Solution Can Move Consumers From Sampling To Purchase

AS RevTrax imageTo reel more consumers into a purchase, retailers and manufacturers sometimes offer sample products in a store environment. By gauging the popularity of this sampling, companies can estimate how much of the product they should sell in the store.

RevTrax has launched Sampling Insights, a digital engagement solution designed to turn anonymous product samplers into known long-term consumers. Sampling Insights connects consumer behavior to in-store sampling events by integrating a personalized coupon that features a unique barcode into the event.


E-Spirit Brings Consistency To Content Management With Cloud Initiative

With consumers now having the opportunity to access their favorite retailers through any device, traditional content management solutions may be too narrow, especially as companies look to expand.

Content management system provider e-Spirit Inc. has unveiled the Corporate Content Cloud initiative, to help organizations use content more effectively and improve the customer experience across all touch points.


AVARI Personalizes Email Marketing With Next Best Content

Given the flood of emails individual consumers receive every day, retailers need to find a way to personalize their content and offers to the appropriate audience.

To give a personalized feel to emails, Avari has launched a predictive content marketing solution, Next Best Content, designed to recommend relevant content to every individual email recipient. With the solution, content marketers and brand publishers can automatically inject relevant marketing materials — such as articles, data sheets, decks, guides, infographics, images and videos — into any email campaign.


Moovweb Launches Optimize To Power Contextual Mobile Experiences

With more shoppers taking to their mobile devices to access, browse and shop from their favorite web sites, retailers need to allocate more time and resources into getting that mobile experience right.

Moovweb has released Optimize, a mobile experience optimization (MEO) platform designed to provide device-specific, contextual mobile experiences that can grow revenue, engagement and brand loyalty. The company also launched a mobile performance tool, MoovScore, to help companies better asses their technical performance compared to industry peers.


Janam XM2-RFID UHF Device Scans RFID With Read Range And Accuracy

AS JanamXM2 ImageThe requirements of today’s retail supply chain call for devices with long read ranges and high accuracy levels that are capable of monitoring products in the most challenging environments.

Janam stepped up to the challenge in releasing the RFID-reading solution, XM2-RFID UHF. The mobile device is specifically designed to help companies cut costs, improve customer service, reduce labor, increase accuracy and improve production throughput.


Placemeter Measures Stores' Surroundings With Video

To measure the success of a store’s location, sometimes the retailer needs to figure out just how many potential shoppers they are reeling in.

Placemeter has released an urban intelligence platform quantifying the movement of how people and vehicles move throughout urban spaces. Retail businesses can apply the solution to understand their surroundings and measure store performance. Specifically, Placemeter can measure walking direction and store visits, as well as the volume of pedestrian traffic.


CollaborateCloud Ties Together Internal Communication For SMBs

Although small businesses don’t have the breadth of larger retailers, they can still have difficulty trying to manage workflow and internal communication. Often, these companies are still growing and are learning how to manage these processes effectively.

CollaborateCloud has released a collaboration suite specifically designed for small business retailers so that they can improve productivity through better collaboration, management and workflows. From a management perspective, the solution is designed to connect employees, suppliers, partners and executives across multiple locations to enable rapid communication and collaboration.


Easypromos Delivers Transparency To Twitter Sweepstakes

Holding social media sweepstakes events can be a great way to quickly increase followers, generate brand loyalty and boost company engagement. However, retailers face a dilemma when picking winners, as they are often forced to pick a winner randomly. This can leave them exposed to repercussions should questions be asked about the validity of the winner selection process.

Easypromos has launched a Twitter Sweepstakes Application designed to support retailers organizing sweepstakes programs on the social network based on retweets and followers. The solution enables retailers to carry out a random sweepstakes among all users who retweet one or more of their brand's tweets. The retailer can accumulate up to 10 tweets and filter the finalists so that only followers of the Twitter profile are entered into the sweepstakes.


GiftStarter Applies Crowdfunding Concept To Group Gifting

During the holiday season or for large occasions such as weddings, consumers often frantically scramble to find and purchase appropriate gifts for friends and family members. Gift purchasing can be expensive for individual consumers, especially during these occasions.

GiftStarter has launched a crowdfunded gifting platform designed to enable buyers to combine individual budgets to give better gifts to their loved ones. Users can launch a gift campaign on GiftStarter, search from more than four million products on the site, then invite family and friends to pitch in through the platform.


Social Annex Releases Ranking Algorithm To Categorize Product Images

Retailers and manufacturers alike have to acquire and retain consumers if they want their brand to flourish. One way to build a brand is to curate and organize images that effectively showcase its product offerings.

Social Annex has released the Smart Image Ranking Algorithm (SIRA), which enables brands to organize and prioritize large numbers of pictures in a product gallery, based on data and insights into which images are impacting sales.


Kissmetrics Engage Enables Retailers To Optimize Web Site Interactions

Marketers often spend time driving visitors to their web sites and landing pages, but they still have room for improvement when it comes to boosting customer conversion rates.

To help retailers bolster conversion rates, Kissmetrics has introduced Engage, a conversion optimization product designed to optimize every web site interaction based on behavioral triggers. Retailers can use this solution in conjunction with the Kissmetrics flagship product Analyze to fix problems throughout the retail spectrum, including email signups, shopping cart experiences or churn reduction.


Cloud4Wi Fogsense Monitors In-Store Traffic To Improve Customer Engagement

AS Fogsense ImageRetail businesses looking to push targeted messages to their consumers often need to collect data from shoppers’ prior store engagements. Without the proper tools, building an effective engagement plan can be cumbersome.


Cloud4Wi introduced Wi-Fi engagement platform Fogsense, enabling retailers to leverage their network to monitor presence analytics and provide location-based services. Fogsense is a plug-and-play USB device that collects customer foot traffic data, to help retailers discover real-time and historical in-store trends. In turn, the device integrates with the cloud-based Cloud4Wi platform to analyze these trends and improve customer engagement and venue efficiency.


Veeqo Builds Cloud-Based Inventory And Order Management Solution

AS Veeqo ImageRetailers selling via multiple e-Commerce channels often struggle to manage their inventory and orders across separate channels, leading to products selling out through one channel yet still appearing in stock on another.

Veeqo has released an all-in-one web-based multichannel POS, order and inventory management system that enables retailers to manage their orders from one dashboard. The platform automatically updates inventory across all of the retailer’s stores to avoid overselling issues caused by incorrect stock levels. With product stock updated across all channels, an item can sell in one channel and the platform will update the sale across the others.


Ipsos Retail Performance Releases Cloud Reporting Capabilities

AS Ipsos ImageCloud computing can be attractive to retailers looking to make processes more efficient and to make sure that important information is centrally available, where and when it’s required.

To provide users with greater access to these cloud computing capabilities, Ipsos Retail Performance has released its Cloud Reporting offering. With Cloud Reporting, retailers can view in-store analytics from a central platform, to see and manage all of a store’s performance metrics in one location.


Consumer Goods Intelligence Suite Helps Gauge And Bolster Consumer Loyalty

AS ConsumerGoods ImageRetailers and CPG brands need to better understand the consumer if they want to engage them at every touch point of their journey. In learning more about consumers, these companies can gain a more complete perspective on industrywide trends, so as to manufacture and release better products.

The Consumer Goods Intelligence Suite solution from Vision Critical allows brands to anticipate customer preferences, forecast trends to improve products and understand new purchasing behaviors influenced by native ads, social media and review web sites.

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If you would like us to consider featuring your product or service on the Retail TouchPoints web site and in the weekly email newsletter, please submit your solution here: Solution Spotlight Submission Form.